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Starting on our Good Food Journey


Our Good Food Plan has been developed in collaboration between David Jones’ sustainability and food teams, to reflect the importance of our Good Business Journey to our growing food business. 

The plan covers a broad range of food sustainability issues including labour standards, sustainable raw materials, packaging, energy and water use, animal welfare and sustainable seafood. 

For each issue identified, our Good Food Plan provides guidance to our teams about the sustainability considerations along our supply chain and for our customers; establishes specific commitments and targets; and outlines the actions we will take in progressing towards these objectives, together. We will report on the progress of our Good Food Plan at least annually. 

Solid progress has been made on a number of initiatives over the first year of our plan, establishing a strong foundation for next year and beyond. You can view our first annual update by clicking on this link.

You can also view our new Sustainable Cocoa Policy by clicking on this link or going to davidjones.com.au/cocoa

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