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Raising our hand to bridge the Indigenous literacy gap

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In the lead up to National Reconciliation Week, David Jones launched our first fundraising campaign for The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) on Sunday, 22 May 2016 with children’s book reading event with Adam Goodes. The campaign will continue through the last week of May 2016 and seeks to promote our new partnership with ALNF as part of David Jones’ expanded Community Investment program.

ALNF is dedicated to raising literacy and numeracy standards in Australia, particularly amongst children in Indigenous communities, who are three times less likely to reach the national minimum standard for reading and writing.

With a number of internal and external activities David Jones employees and customers will raise money for ALNF’s Indigenous literacy programs. All funds will support the first of ALNF’s services that relies exclusively on David Jones for funding.

All of these children are under the age of five and are from low socio-economic circumstances; some have learning disabilities, others have physical disabilities and most have difficult home lives. As such, many of these children have fallen behind their non-Indigenous peers in terms of literacy and numeracy. Prior to funding this program, the employees at this centre were struggling to provide the educational support that most of these children needed to improve their reading and writing skills.

By funding this program, we are helping these teachers to earn a certification that better equips them to teach literacy and numeracy to the children currently in the centre, as well as all the kids that will follow. With the support of our program, hundreds of children will be equipped with the literacy and numeracy skills to succeed as they start at school.

While we are currently providing funding for this one program in Campbelltown, with your support we will help ALNF provide this service in more in-need communities around Australia.

Our long term goal is to be able to fund more ALNF programs in more communities, so that we can help bridge the Indigenous literacy gap and make sure these children get the best chance to write their own bright future.


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