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External recognition for our ethical sourcing program

David Jones has improved it’s score to B- and been recognised as one of the most improved companies in the 2016 Australian Fashion Report. This result recognises the commitment and investment that David Jones has made in gaining a better understanding of our supply chain and improving social, environmental and ethical performance of first-tier and some second-tier suppliers.

This improvement in our score is the result of a number of initiatives launched by David Jones over the past 12 months, including a review and expansion of our Supplier Code of Conduct that has strengthen existing provisions in relation to ethical sourcing and aligned David Jones with internationally recognised best practice. So far, 96% of our suppliers have countersigned our expanded Code of Conduct and a further 2% have provided evidence of their own equivalent standards.

In addition, all 1,200 first-tier suppliers have been asked to complete our online questionnaire, which has enabled us to map 100% of our first-tier private label supply chain, achieve partial traceability of raw materials and inputs suppliers and have greater insight into the supply chain impacts of our branded suppliers.

The Ethical Sourcing team has also commenced collection and analysis of independent audit data from first-tier private label factories, complementing our own visits to factories in China, India, Bangladesh and South Africa to engage directly with some of our second-tier suppliers on ethical sourcing issues.

While we are pleased with our progress and the external recognition of our program, we are just at the start of our ethical sourcing journey with more work ahead of us than behind us. You can find out more about our plans to further improve our ethical sourcing performance by clicking here or order an on-line copy of the 2016 Australian Fashion Report here.

- Jaana Quaintance-James is Ethical Sourcing Manager, at David Jones

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