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David Jones recognised in Ethical Fashion Report

David Jones Ethical Sourcing

David Jones has increased its rating in this year’s Ethical Fashion Report to B+, marking the third consecutive year that the reports’ authors, Baptist World Aid, have increased David Jones’ rating in relation to its ethical sourcing performance.  

“As part of our Good Business Journey, we have continued to invest in driving positive change on environmental, social and ethical standards along our supply chain,” says Jaana Quaintance-James, David Jones’ Ethical Sourcing Manager.

“We are delighted that this investment has been recognised by an increased rating in the 2017 Ethical Fashion Report, particularly given that the median score of C+ remains unchanged from last year.”

David Jones’ improvement reflects a number of initiatives that have been implemented over the past three years that aim to increase visibility, diligence and traceability over its supply chain.

One of these initiatives requires all private label suppliers to provide independent, third party audits from their factories, through the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX). Not only has this program increased David Jones’ visibility of its supply chain, it has also allowed for improved tracking and analysis of important issues such as temporary and contract workers, worker health and safety, and collective bargaining. David Jones has also been working proactively with suppliers to address issues raised in factory audits provided through SEDEX.

The past 12 months has also seen an increase in the traceability of raw materials, particularly in David Jones’ Classic Collection, which uses cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Cotton that has been accredited as BCI uses agricultural practices that are more environmentally sustainable and ensures that BCI growers are able to sell their product at a premium, relative to conventional cotton, delivering better financial outcomes. Importantly for David Jones, the use of BCI cotton has also enhanced the ability to trace cotton all the way back to the farm.

Another initiative that has been recognised by Baptist World Aid is David Jones’ Ethical Sourcing Awareness Training program. This internal engagement program has been delivered to all members of the Merchandise group over sixteen separate sessions, each between 2-3 hours in duration. The aim is to improve awareness of ethical sourcing issues, ensure that all buyers understand the policies and procedures David Jones has in place in relation to ethical sourcing, and communicate the positive role that buyers can play in helping customers make “mindful” purchasing decisions.

Quaintance-James concludes by saying “We still have a lot to do in our ethical sourcing journey but our progress to date has been strong and consistent. Over a relatively short period of time, we have established a robust program in response to community concerns about ethical sourcing and we now have a solid platform to continue progressing our work.”

Find out more by clicking here or read the full Baptist World Aid report here.

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