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Collaborating with Ethical Clothing Australia to promote transparency and garment workers

Collaborating with Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA®) to promote transparency and improve working conditions for Australian garment workers

Understanding where your clothes came from and under what conditions they were made can be complex - really complex. Fortunately, ECA have removed some of this complexity and made it easier for our customers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

By undergoing independent, third-party accreditation, some of Australia’s best-known fashion brands are able to ensure that the working conditions of those making their clothes, whether from a factory or from home, are fair and ethical. Once a brand has successfully been audited for legal compliance, they can then use the ECA trademark to communicate their good business practice to customers.  This gives consumers greater comfort that the Australian facilities used by these brands are providing safe and ethical working conditions.

During the accreditation process, ECA helps brands map their Australian supply chains through the entire cut-make-trim and value adding process so they can become more transparent.  Transparency is key when it comes to identifying supply chain risks and ensuring that all aspects of production are managed in an ethical and sustainable manner.

For all these reasons, ECA accreditation is one of the 47 sustainability attributes under our Mindfully Made program. A brand with a sustainability attribute has been able to demonstrate that they are making a difference for the environment and/or community on part or all of their range. We require that our suppliers provide evidence from an independent third party, so that we can talk about these credentials with our customers, with confidence.

You can read more about Mindfully Made by clicking here.

You will also be able to get more information from JONES magazine, as we start to showcase a different sustainability attribute in each edition. In the April 2018, we will be introducing the first of our attributes (Social Sustainability) and promoting the work of ECA and their accredited brands. Keep an eye out for our Social Sustainability icon right through the magazine, highlighting those products that have been made in Australia and been accredited by ECA.

To read more about ECA click here.

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