Ensure Every Aussie Child Has A Happy Start To The New School Year

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    Being able to read and write is something that most of us take for granted. Yet Indigenous children are three times less likely to reach the national minimum standard for reading and writing.

    One of the many challenges faced by the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF) when implementing literacy programs in marginalised communities is the lack of basic literacy resources available to students. This presents a significant barrier to helping these children develop vital literacy skills.

    David Jones is proud to partner with ALNF. Their Literacy Packs valued at $80 (AUD) are sourced, assembled and distributed to thousands of children across the nation, providing the fundamental resources needed to read and write.

    The packs are available for preschool, primary school and high school students. Each one is filled with new age-appropriate school resources and a donated book, all packaged in a fun, re-useable canvas bag.

    The Literacy Pack Program augments ALNF’s current projects by providing young people with the necessary resources required, yet not often available, to encourage successful home and school learning environments. This initiative has proven to foster higher levels of student, parental and community engagement in the literacy learning process.

    We need your help! Whether you can pay for a full pack at $80 or part of a pack, any help is invaluable. Your donation will fill a Literacy Pack with the vital resources every child needs to succeed at school, please click here to donate: https://alnf.org/donate/