Steven Khalil Wedding Dresses

From a young age, Steven Khalil was fascinated by fabrics, and the fall and drape of material. After completing fashion studies at 19, he quickly began to gain recognition for the quality of his workmanship and eye for unique design. He rose rapidly through several bridal houses and was appointed Head Designer at just 22 years old. In 2003, he established his own fashion house in Paddington, Sydney.


Today, Steven is recognised as one of Australia’s leading designers specialising in red carpet and bridal gowns. His designs are renowned for their elegance and beauty, combining classical elements of bygone eras with a contemporary edge.


Reviving elements of a classical era of European couture, Steven has developed an approach that is tailored to each individual. Through closely working with each client, he is able to develop a personalised couture experience and, ultimately, their gown.


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