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David Jones

What to Wear: Trackside Style for Men

The Spring Racing Carnival has begun and while you may have read up on your form guide, you also need to prepare what you’re going to wear at the races. 

It needn’t be a last minute affair - take stock of our tips for what to wear at each major race day event and you’ll nail it all in one.

Derby Day

  1. Don’t just wear any white shirt. With white being one of two colours everyone will be wearing on this day, you’ll want to make sure your shirt is as fresh and crisp as it can be.
  2. Play with black and white prints, whether it be a paisley sock, spotted pocket square or a mini floral print tie.
  3. Patent lace-ups will give a black and white outfit an interesting twist.

Melbourne Cup Day

  1. Blue suits have become a classic staple for the races. But not all blue suits are the same so pick a hue that suits your personality.
  2. Keep up the blue theme with a pale blue shirt and fun, spotted accessories.
  3. Brown leather shoes, belt and watch are the perfect complement to an all-blue outfit.

Crown Oaks Day

  1. It may be the ladies’ time to shine on this race event but you’ll need to be an equally stylish escort. Choose a suit with a slight sheen for a different take on the blue suit.
  2. Pick a shirt with a small print to take your look into smart casual territory.
  3. This day may be less formal but that still means your shoes must be unscuffed and polished.