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David Jones

Blurred Lines of Paradise

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An active lifestyle is a big part of what it means to be Australian, and recently appointed designer of THE UPSIDE Man, Matty Bouris, thinks it has a lot to do with having a coastal landscape. 

“I think the Australian landscape definitely contributes to our need to be active and healthy. We have some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and we are naturally drawn to them. I’m very blessed to live by these surroundings and have an active lifestyle,” Matty says, who has lived beachside for most of his life.

With the Spring collection of THE UPSIDE Man just launched, we chat to Matty about the new range, his design inspiration, and why he's not a fan of the top knot.

THE UPSIDE Man designer Matty Bouris

Tell us about THE UPSIDE Man's new collection for Spring '16.

The collection was conceptualised during a trip to Hawaii with Jodhi (Meares, founder of The Upside) and our creative team. I wanted to showcase the deep hues of the island paradise and pair it back with the busy city landscape that THE UPSIDE Man inhabits.  The industrial toned colour palette of greys, deep-sea navy and blacks are spliced with prints for a fresh summer vibe. ‘Blurred Lines of Paradise’ speaks to lifestyle and performance without looking too far apart. 

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What high performance fabrics were used to create the collection?

I wanted to give a more in-depth focus on performance and technicality for the Spring '16 collection and explored dry release wicking jerseys and recycled polyester shorts that dry quickly and stretch for maximum comfort. This is just one aspect that will help through the warmer workout days. 

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When designing the collection, how did you envision THE UPSIDE Man range to be worn?

There are two parts to the lifestyle brand that we try and embody: active and recovery. The active look would be the Welded Trainer Short, worn over tights if you like, and a light weight Night Runner Jacket added on top of regular fit dry release tank. Then for recovery, the perfect post-workout look is the Faded Pullover sweatshirt and our favourite Faded Panel Jogger.

Three words to describe THE UPSIDE Man.  

Aspiring, adventurous and creative.


Fast Five with Matty Bouris

1) Drink of choice -  beer or spirits? Tequila

2) Man buns – love them or hate them? A man bun is something i rolled with for years and it was functional, but then there’s the “top knot”… that’s when it sucks.

3) City boy or country boy?  Can I be a coastal city boy?

4) Style icon? Classic James Dean and also, ASAP Rocky.

5) Guilty pleasure? Pizza