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David Jones

Jason Dundas' Next Move

David Jones ambassador Jason Dundas knows a thing or two about keeping fit, and looking good. Here he chats to us about what's next for his men's fitness brand, DundasFit.

What is the one thing you’ve learnt about yourself since starting DundasFit?

I’ve learnt that there is no such thing as a dream too big or too crazy. If you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything in this world. 

What inspired you to create DundasFit the label?

While living in downtown New York hosting a pop culture TV show for VH1 America, I noticed guys were starting to wear their gym gear around the streets socially. I myself would leave my office in Times Square wearing my workout clothes on the subway down to Soho to meet friends for coffee or lunch, and then hit the gym right after. Running sneakers were also becoming more and more fashionable too; I was actually wearing them on TV at the time.

But the ‘Aha’ moment came when I saw Kanye West rocking Nike Flyknits with jeans and a blazer to a black tie event. The next 12 months I spent sketching ideas ‘til the early hours of the morning in my NY loft until the brand, DundasFit was born.  

What was the process like when creating the collection? 

I am lucky enough to have an online fan base (close to 100k followers) so when it came time to design the first collection, I looked to the opinion of my #DundasFit community. I spent a couple of months sampling and testing out different garments, all the while posting images to my social media and basically using my followers as a fitness focus group. 

What's the philosophy behind the range?

From day one, our philosophy with DundasFit is ‘Wear the clothes, and the fitness will follow' so it has always been my goal to create a collection that guys can wear both in the gym and socially. When I exercise I like to mix things up, from lifting weights in the gym, tennis, surfing, running and even yoga, so it was important for me to develop a line that was both technically advanced and also has a classic masculine aesthetic.

What makes DundasFit unique?

DundasFit uses trademark ONTHEGO® ActivTek™ Polyester blends, that are embedded with dynamic cooling treatments. Our garments are designed to have a comfortable feel that promotes moisture management while working out. I also chose to partner with Mick Spencer and his company On The Go Sports Australia partly because of their ethical stance around Australia, and their charitable efforts towards the health and fitness of those who are less fortunate.  

What’s your dream for DundasFit?

My dream with DundasFit is to create a line of active wear product for the men of Australia that can inspire them to be the healthiest version of themselves.