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David Jones

Racewear Do’s and Don'ts By Man of Many

We partnered up with the boys behind Man of Many, finalists in the 2014 Pedestrian TV Blogster Awards! With a passion for 'all things cool', we asked the boys to share their top 5 do's and don'ts for the Spring Racing season, to help the modern man stand out from the crowd. See their recommendations and shop their picks below or visit our Spring Racing Shop online here.

  • David Jones Racewear

    Get The Right Fit with a Ted Baker Check Suit

    It doesn’t matter how expensive your suit is, if it doesn’t fit right, you’ll still look like a slob. When buying a suit, make sure you’re fitted with the right cut for your size and body shape. After buying off-the-rack, don’t be afraid to take it to a tailor to make the necessary adjustments to achieve a perfect fit.

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  • David Jones Racewear

    So Fresh and So Clean with Yves Saint Laurent LHomme Eau de Toilette

    Studies show that if you start your race day clean and well groomed, you’re less likely to end your day smelling like stale beer and gambling debt.

    Shop Now
  • David Jones Racewear

    Accessorise with Belmondo Printed Spot Hanky

    For the most part, keep your accessories simple and subdued, but don’t be afraid to add a little flair with items like patterned pocket squares, bold socks and lapel flowers.

    Shop Now
  • David Jones Racewear

    Shoe Game Strong with Lloyd Manon Laceup Brogue Heel Detail

    You’re not in the office anymore, it’s race day! The perfect occasion to bust out the brogues, double monks or penny loafers. Browns, dark burgundy’s are the perfect compliment for a grey, blue or navy suits.

    Shop Now
  • David Jones Racewear

    Frankie says Relax with Timex Expedition Field Chronograph Watch

    Money can’t buy swagger, but a good watch can help. You’re there to have fun so no matter what garb you’re sporting, just keep it chill and have a good time.

    Shop Now


Sports sunglasses
Remember you’re spectator at horse race, not a cyclist in a velodrome. Any eyewear that was designed with an advanced aerodynamic frame, should not be worn to the races.

Ill-Fitting suits
Never show up looking like a kid who borrowed his dad’s suit for a dress-up party.

Shoes Crimes
A lot of people say, “you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes”. If your shoes have a broad square toe, it suggests you need to get your life in order.  If your shoes are dirty, it shows you lack self respect. Unless you’ve won a Grammy, sneakers are a big no-no.

Never wear satin, always opt for real silk.  Nothing you wear should resemble the bed sheets of a budget hotel’s fantasy suite.

Novelty Attire
Just because the Simpsons was your favourite TV show, doesn’t mean you need to wear Homer around your neck.