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The 3 swimwear brands all men should know about

Image courtesy of The Rocks Push Image courtesy of The Rocks Push

Don’t be the guy in the so-so swimwear

You only get one chance to make a statement with your swimwear. So finding the ideal style to show off in the surf – or the sand, or the pool – is key.  

The aim is to look less like your dad did when he took swimming lessons as a boy, and more like Daniel Craig emerging from the ocean in James Bond, with the kind of confidence that comes from wearing trunks that boast the perfect fit plus an eye-catching design.

Alas, a lot of men get their swimwear wrong. We sympathise, we really do – it’s hard to find a style that isn’t too tight, too loose, too short or too long.

That’s why we’ve found you 3 brands that get it right every single time. Keep reading to avoid committing any swimwear sins this summer.

T H E  R O C K S  P U S H

Image courtesy of The Rocks Push Image courtesy of The Rocks Push SHOP NOW

‘The Rocks Push’ was once the name of an impeccably stylish gang who reigned over Sydney in the late 1880s. Now it’s the name of a brand known for their seriously stylish shorts. Driven by a desire to reduce excess and waste, The Rocks Push are all about keeping their designs surf-friendly and sustainable. Case in point: their current collection had been crafted from recycled drift nets salvaged from our ocean, woven into soft, strong, quick-drying fabric. Add exclusive designs and expert tailoring and you’ve got yourself a pair of shorts you’ll want to wear all summer long. 

T O M  &  T E D D Y

Image courtesy of Tom and Teddy Image courtesy of Tom and Teddy SHOP NOW

Inspired by the surf and sand, Tom & Teddy is a vibrant swimwear collection for men and boys – for the big guys and their little nippers. Capturing the spirit of the great Australian outdoors, each design is made from quick-drying microfiber that is salt water and chlorine-resistant, making them ideal for either the beach or the pool. The brand’s signature fabric has also been infused with UV protection, providing a soft finish for superb comfort – exactly what you want in a pair of swimming shorts, no matter what your age. 

B O A R D I E S  A P P A R E L

Boardies mens swimwear Image courtesy of Boardies SHOP NOW

If you’re the kind of man who’s not afraid of standing out, Boardies Apparel is for you. The brand’s designs are an expression of individuality, positivity and originality, inspired by people and places from all around the world. Based in London – with creative correspondents across the globe – the Boardies design team tell stories through hand drawn designs, creating exclusive graphics that don’t compromise on style. The philosophy is simple: remain genuine, honest and inclusive. The result: swimwear fit for the local pool, the Bahamas, and every destination in between. 

Get ready for summer