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Picking a winner begins with the right tie

THOMAS PINK ‘Whitehall’ suit jacket in blue/grey, ‘Whitehall’ suit trouser in blue/grey, slim-fit spot shirt in pale pink/white, ‘Vita’ check bowtie and check pocket square. THOMAS PINK ‘Whitehall’ suit jacket in blue/grey, ‘Whitehall’ suit trouser in blue/grey, slim-fit spot shirt in pale pink/white, ‘Vita’ check bowtie and check pocket square.

The first step to being a winner is looking like one

There’s something bold and outrageous about the Spring Races that transforms even the most unassuming, straight-laced man into a preening peacock. The sport of kings has a long association with pageantry – if there was ever a perfect place to take a risk with your look, it’s definitely at the races.

Make an entrance at the carnival this year with our edit of bold, printed ties, statement sunglasses and quirky lapel pins. Because there’s no better way to safeguard your luck than with the right accessories.

Spring Racing mens accessories flat lay


Choosing the right tie is just like picking a winner – you want to leave as little to chance as possible. Always make sure your tie contrasts with your shirt. If you decide on a print-on-print look, make sure there’s an obvious difference between each print – an orange paisley tie against a striped blue shirt is always a winning combo.

P O C K E T  S Q U A R E S

Step up your fashion game with a pocket square – the easiest accessory to add to any suit for a more dynamic look. For the most stylish result, match your pocket square to your shirt or tie to keep things neat and coordinated. Or, you can pair it with a bow tie for a quirky, unforgettable combo. Can’t decide which colour? Don’t fret, a simple white pocket square will do the trick.

L A P E L  P I N S

The key to accessorising for the races is balance. Go overboard and your suit will get lost amid the detail; underplay it and you risk your suit looking dull. Lapel pins are a fun way of bringing a suit to life, with the added bonus of giving you a point-of-difference among the crowd. A simple metal lapel pin will match most jackets, while a flower lapel – either a shade lighter or darker than your suit – will add a pop of colour to your look.

C U F F  L I N K S

The best suiting details are the things you don’t notice at first glance, much like the classic cufflink. Subtle touches such as these often make the biggest impact. A pair of silver Monte Blac cufflinks add a touch of luxe to any suit, or take a gamble on a pair of rotating flag cufflinks by Tateossian. This carnival season, we’re also loving Simon Carter’s Spitfire cufflinks for a touch of playfulness.


There’s something about a suit and sunglasses combo that oozes effortless cool – just be sure to choose a pair that suits your face shape. If you have a rectangular-shaped face, pick a frame with a strong brow, like Hugo Boss’s Navigator style. If your face is more square-shaped, a pair of round YSL frames will create balance. And if all else fails, remember, a pair of Rayban Aviators will never let you down.


The shoes you wear can make or break your race day outfit – they play a key role in determining your look. If you want a summery vibe, a brown brogue is for you – versatile enough to wear with any coloured suit. For a more classic look, try a five lace oxford, a timeless, sleek style that works for a number of formal occasions. And if you’re going for a more casual approach, pare back your suit with a pair of mocks or loafers.

Heading to the track?