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4 ways to transform your home [and life] forever

AV Launch hero image

Your future is now

If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in a smart home, now’s your chance. Because multi-room audio systems, smart lighting schemes and designer televisions really are as life-changing as they sound.

News just in: we’re your new destination when it comes to creating the ultimate connected household. Keep reading for four ways to transform your home and life forever with David Jones.

Live like they do in the movies

Multi room audio image

Playing music throughout your home is now simpler than ever. And why wouldn’t you want your own personal soundtrack setting the mood always, just like in the movies? With multi-room audio you no longer have to contend with hardwiring, complicated systems or base units. You simply choose the music, which rooms to play it in, and control it all through your smart device or Google Home.

Don’t skip a beat

Portable headphones image

If you’re tired of untangling your headphones, it’s time to invest in some portable audio. Take your tunes with you wherever you go, with higher quality sound, longer run times and improved connectivity distance. Our favourite part: you can even sync your devices to share albums and podcasts with loved ones.

Invest in digital décor

Tech image

There’s something undeniably luxurious about a high-tech household – if we’re honest, even dimmer lights still get us a bit excited. Thankfully, the connected home is no longer something that requires tens of thousands of dollars and an electrician on retainer. With a few simple devices, like Google Home, Google Home Mini (pictured above), Google Chromecast and Philips Hue Lighting, you can create the smart home you want with ease.

Watch TV like you never have before

TV screen image

You don’t need a reason to binge on back-to-back episodes of your favourite show, but owning a first-rate TV adds a whole other level of enjoyment to your viewing. Once something to be hidden away in a cupboard, your TV can now be matched to your decor and become the hero piece of your interior design. They’re also now smarter than ever, with seamless streaming and the highest quality picture you’ve ever seen.

Ready to make your home [and life] smarter?

Shop the best of AV online now