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David Jones

Inspiring interiors: Kym Ellery

Artworks by friends and artists feature throughout the apartment of Kym Ellery Photograph by Stéphane Gallois

Since launching her eponymous label in 2007, Australian designer Kym Ellery has risen through the fashion ranks. Now she’s moved to Paris to continue to expand her empire.

When did you move to Paris and why?

I moved here officially in July when my French visa came through. I’d been visiting for years for work, but now I live here! I work in the second arrondissement, so I wanted to try a different area and I thought it might be nice to go over the Seine and live on the other side of Paris where it’s much quieter. The beauty of Paris is that there are so many different pockets and I’d like to try somewhere else for the next chapter.

What do you love about your neighbourhood?

I love being so close to my favourite steak restaurant L’Entrecôte and also my favourite cafe, Café de Flore. There are some beautiful parks nearby, in particular the one
near Le Bon Marché department store, and everything is within walking distance. There are a lot of political buildings on my street, so there is always some fancy politician coming and going and lots of police running around.

What do you love about your apartment?

I love the sunlight that comes through the windows, and that from them you can see across to the historical buildings on the other side of the street. I love the parquetry floors, the beautiful moulding on the walls and the gorgeous fireplaces. Being here definitely reminds me that I am in Paris even when I’m at home.

Kym Ellery resides beside her vintage record player. Photograph by Stéphane Gallois

Which is your favourite space in your home?

I really love the lounge room – “le salon” as we say in Paris. It’s such a beautiful space to relax and unwind with a glass of wine. I like the layout of the space with two couches facing one another so you can have good conversations with friends.

And your favourite objects?

My guitars and my vintage French record player, which I found in an incredible warehouse outside of Paris filled with vintage speakers, record players and other musical equipment. My guitar is a vintage Les Paul custom in a Bordeaux red cover with gold pickups that I love because it’s exactly the right size for me.

What inspires your fashion design and interior style?

Art inspires me in all its forms: music, film and visual art, but it’s also about being alert to and aware of what’s happening all around me. My collections are always a very eclectic mixture of ideas, which is what gives them their point of difference.

Finishing touches

Add some Parisian flair to your home with these sleek and stylish pieces.