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How to create a healthier home

Photo by Robert Daly/Getty Images Photo by Robert Daly/Getty Images

How to make your home a haven of health and wellbeing

If your New Year’s resolution is to boost your wellbeing, why not start in the home? Because while joining a gym and frequenting your local juice bar are both great ideas, there’s nothing like waking up in a house designed to make your get healthy goals a breeze. 

That’s why we’ve found you 9 house hold items that will help you to create a healthier home.

Keep reading to make your home feel less like a house and more like a haven…

NUTRIBULLET | Nutribullet 1200W 12-Piece

Make healthy smoothies a part of your daily routine with this NutriBullet 1200W 12-Piece Set. Designed to blend and process your favourite ingredients, this kitchen essential can pulverise even the toughest ingredients to maximise their nutritional potential.

IN ESSENCE | Ultra Sonic Vaporiser Australian Native

Embrace the benefits of aromatherapy – including stress relief, sounder sleep and improved energy levels – with this Ultra Sonic Vaporiser by In Essence. Offering the latest in advanced technology, this wooden diffuser is attractive, compact and easy to use. Because we all deserve a home that smells as soothing as a spiritual retreat.


BREVILLE | ‘The One' Precision Poacher

Create a healthy, café style breakfast from the comfort of your kitchen with ‘The One’ precision poacher by Breville. Simply select the egg type and texture you desire to get perfectly steamed, poached, boiled or scrambled eggs every single time – talk about convenience.


A heroic remedy that cleans and purifies – without drying out your skin – this vitamin E and olive oil infused hand wash is a household must-have. Made with a blend of pure essential oils including white thyme, Spanish lemon and juniper berry, it acts as a natural antibacterial and anti-smell – a bonus in the kitchen. The best part? It’s completely paraben, sulphate, bleach and phosphate free.

KITCHENAID | Exact Slice Food Processor

Prepare your own ingredients at home with this Exact Slice Food Processor. This candy apple red kitchen companion is robust and powerful enough to use every day, with the flexibility to help you create a range of wonderful meals and appetisers, from healthy dips to fruity desserts.

MURCHISON HUME | Original Fig 

The Ladies Bathroom Cleaner

Keep your home spotless without the use of harsh chemicals with the Ladies Bathroom Cleaner by Murchison Hume. Formulated to neutralise the germs and bacteria found in even the grittiest of bathrooms, this household staple can be used to clean basins, tubs and tiles, the healthy way.

PHILIPS | Series 3000 Air Purifier

Keep the air in your home free of dust, pollen and pollutants with this Series 3000 Air Purifier by Philips. Its VitaShield IPS technology naturally removes ultrafine particles and 99.97% of common airborne allergens effectively, when used long term. 

IN ESSENCE | In Essence 

Relaxation Essentials Trio Kit

Turn your home into an oasis by burning pure essential oils. This relaxing trio includes lavender, chamomile Roman and orange, three essences renowned for their abilities to calm and soothe your body and your mind.

DYSON | Cinetic Big Ball Allergy 

If your vacuum cleaner isn’t designed to help remove allergens, it might be worth investing in one that does. Featuring the latest in barrel technology and offering powerful suction, the Cinetic Big Ball by Dyson captures the dust that clogs the bags and filters of other vacuum cleaners, hygienically ejecting dirt. Our favourite part: its ability to get back up if it topples over with thanks to self-righting technology – genius.

Want to create a healthy home?

Shop healthy homewares online now