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Sleep well with Collette Dinnigan


You spend a third of your life sleeping, so thankfully Collette Dinnigan is here to improve your nights with a new range for Linen House.

Dinnigan’s first line of bedding, the collection reflects her passion for antique textiles and French fabrics, with design features inspired by her extensive travels throughout Europe. The range features azure blue accents across finely embroidered white quilt covers, matching sheet sets and bath towels.

What prompted you to go into bed linen?

COLLETTE DINNIGAN: It’s something my customers have been asking me for many years, “When are you going to do homewares and bed linen?” It’s a very natural progression. The designs have Italian names. What is it about Italy that has inspired this range? I spent the last year in Italy, so I was inspired by the different markets and linen shops.

Describe the range in three words.

CD: Mediterranean, modern and inviting.

Describe your perfect Sunday.

CD: In the country. Breakfast in bed. Collect the hens’ eggs with the children. Coffee. Go and see the horses and the alpacas, then just lounge around on the lawn, often still in our pyjamas.

What do you sleep in?

CD: I love vintage nighties – linen, or silk. It depends where I’m at. In Rome where it gets very cold, a nice comfy pair of men’s striped pyjamas.

Words to live by?

CD: Be true to yourself.

Shop Collette Dinnigan's range for Linen House online today