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David Jones

7 Quirky kitchen items you never knew you needed (until now)

Image of some various kitchen utensils sitting on some terracotta stairs, by Maree Homer Photography.

You probably think your kitchen is stocked with everything you need. You most likely own a respectable assortment of hardy pots and pans, a nicely designed dinner set, and even a vegetable peeler. All the daily essentials seem to be taken care of. But maybe it’s time to show your kitchen a little extra love.

It’s a new year after all; the perfect time to update your culinary equipment. Because if there’s one thing that reality cooking shows have taught us, it’s that kitchenware comes in all different styles, shapes and sizes. And for every step in every recipe, there is a unique utensil waiting to make your meal prep a breeze.  

But you can’t grasp the brilliance of the avocado slicer until you’ve tried one for yourself. Nor can you truly appreciate the genius of the apple divider until you’ve seen it “dividing” in real time.

That’s why we’re here to fill you in on 7 quirky kitchen items you never knew you needed, until now.

1. The spoon rest

Image of Salt & Pepper’s SHADE Spoon Rest.

Less about giving your stirring spoon some respite, and more about keeping your bench top clean, this little gem will make pasta sauce preparation a far less messy affair. Salt & Pepper’s SHADE Spoon Rest adds function to the kitchen, whilst adding fashion to the home.

2. The avocado slicer

Image of avocado slicer.

Because we all know how awkward it can be peeling an avocado, or scooping avocado out of the avocado skin, or doing anything avocado-related in general. Don’t be fooled by the slicer’s modest appearance, the Progressive Avocado Slicer will make avocado toast and guacamole prep are far tidier tribulation.     

3. The really (really) heavy chopping board

The Acacia End Grain Chopping Board by Stephanie Alexander.

So you probably already own a chopping board. But could you use it as a paper weight during a gale force wind? Every serious chef needs a heavy-duty cutting board to get the job done right. Not only will a well-cared for professional board last for years, wooden varieties will be kinder to your knives, keeping them sharper longer.

The Acacia End Grain Board by Stephanie Alexander is crafted from acacia wood and comes in a checker board design, finished with a copper trimming.

4. The apple divider 

Experience the joy of eating a perfectly-sliced apple wedge with the artful apple divider.  A sleekly designed gem that both cores and divides, the OXO Apple Divider features a soft grip and stainless steel blades. Because life’s too short to dissect apples one slice at a time.

5. The spiralizer

Image of Avanti Spiretti Spiral Vegetable and Fruit Slicer.

It’s not proven that vegetables taste better when they’re served in spiral shapes, but it’s definitely a theory. A joy to say and a joy to use, the spiralizer is a razor-sharp cutting device that creates thin ribbons of vegetables, and in some cases, fruit. Featuring interchangeable blades to create three different textures, the Avanti Spiretti Spiral Vegetable and Fruit Slicer offers a fabulous twist on healthy cooking. From fresh zucchini noodles, to quick and easy curly fries, to decorative garnishes—just to name a few—this benchtop wonder will add a touch of creativity to almost everything you cook.

6. The artistically inspired decanter

Riedel Curly Decanter

Sure, you could just pour your wine straight from the bottle into the glass. But where’s the fun in that? Not only does decanting wine make you feel a bit fancy, it also helps to aerate your liquor of choice, opening up its aromas and its flavours.

The coils and curvature of Riedel’s newest decanter help to charge and aerate wine in this manner. Better yet, the twists of the Curly Decanter form a soft and playful spiral, with a closed tail end and wider spout for easy pouring.

Take a peek at Marinoni’s Chamois Glass Tumbler, and Riedel’s Black Tie Touch Decanter, for some other creative decanting options.

7. The foil cutter

Image of Le Creuset's metal foil cutter.

Removing that little bit of foil from a wine bottle should be easy, but in reality it rarely is. That’s why you need Le Creuset's metal foil cutter in your life. With a simple quarter-turn of the wrist, foil is cleanly removed from even the most temperamental of wine bottle tops. As convenient as it is chic, this nifty utensil boasts a black finish to match the entire range of Le Creuset's everyday wine tool, the perfect addition to any wine cellar or bar top.