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David Jones

The Baby File: Buying for Mum and Baby

Whether you're a first time mum or buying a gift for one, here's a guide to the essential items both mum and baby really need.


Other than nappies, wipes, dummies and formula, all of which every new parent needs to stock up on, here's what else you'll need for your newborn.

Baby Clothes

What to look for: Snug, comfortable clothing made of natural fibres like cotton and linen are best so they don't irritate the baby's skin. Look for clothes with a front or wide head opening to easily slide clothes over their heads and opt for ones with press studs as opposed to buttons so it's easy to put it on and off. If you're buying for a friend or relative, a good tip is to always buy a larger size or two so that the baby can grow into it.

Shop baby clothes.

Blankets and Bed Linen

What to look for: Baby blankets are a must-have for every newborn. Used to swaddle and comfort babies, blankets not only keep them warm but also help get them to sleep. For bed linen, buy fitted sheets that won't tangle in lightweight, breathable fabrics like bamboo and muslin.

Shop bedding and linen.

Books & Toys

What to look for: Baby toys and books are great gifts as you don't have to worry about the right size and you get to indulge your inner child a little. Look for toys that stimulate the baby's discovery of the senses — anything that they can look at, touch, listen to and suck on. And it's never too early to start reading to a child to help lull them to sleep.

Shop toys and books.

Travelling with baby

What to look for: Safety and practicality is key when buying baby car seats and strollers. There are many different types of prams and strollers that suit various lifestyles, so think about whether you'll be using it for running quick errands or more outdoor activities. There are also travel systems that combine a car seat and a stroller, and umbrella strollers which are a lightweight and affordable.

Shop prams & strollers.


Maternity and post-baby wear can be both stylish and functional but be aware of how your body is changing and wear clothes that suit your growing shape.

Maternity Clothes

What to look for: Depending on the size of your belly, you may be able to keep on wearing normal-sized clothes particularly ones with a lot of stretch or looser-fitting styles. But once your bump gets too big, look for clothes with extra fabric around the waist, like elastic bands or ruching. Stock up on basics like maternity leggings and tees as you can easily layer them under jackets, vests or tunics.

Shop maternity wear.

Maternity Bras & Underwear

What to look for: The key to buying a maternity bra is to look for soft fabrics with wide elastic bands that give you support but also allow for growth.

Shop maternity bras & underwear.

Shop the Maternity Boutique.