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12 Kids Christmas gifts the whole family will love

Kids Christmas Gifts Gingerbread Man and toys Image

Check off their Christmas lists with these games and toys

Santa Claus is coming to town, but that’s no reason to let him show you up on the gifting front. He might have his elves to help him out, but you have the David Jones children’s department at your full disposal.

For the bookworm, the little racer or the avid explorer, we have toys for all, meaning you’re sure to find the perfect something instore and online.

Keep reading for 12 kids Christmas gifts the whole family will enjoy… 

PENGUIN | My First Animalia

The perfect bedtime story to end a cheerful Christmas Day, My First Animalia celebrates the magic of Animalia in a playful introductory format for the very young, specially created by Graeme Base. Within the pages of this book you may discover, if you look, beyond the spell of written words, a hidden land of beasts and birds.

LEGO | Ghostbusters Car

If you love Ghostbusters, you and your family are going to love this LEGO set. The Ghostbuster’s fun and iconic vehicle is brought to life and fully loaded with all the paranormal detection equipment needed to track down those ghastly ghosts. Featuring a legit Ghostbusters logo decoration and removable roof – for added style – this animated automobile seats 3 mini figures comfortably, so no man is left behind.

BOARD GAMES | Monopoly DC Comics Edition

Just when you thought Monopoly couldn’t get more enjoyable, the world of DC Originals releases its own must-have edition. Conquer evil this Christmas as you and the kids tour the board gathering your selection of heroes and super villains.

COROLLE | Mon Premiere Bebe Bath Girl

Add a new addition to the family this Christmas with this adorable doll from Corolle, the perfect bath time companion. Not only can she float in water, she even closes her eyes when she goes to sleep. Because all kids want an extra play mate at Christmas time. 

LEGO | Creator Big Ben

Embark on a creative challenge with your kids this Christmas by building the world's best-known clock tower. Featuring a detailed façade with statues, shields and windows, this impressive LEGO set even includes a clock tower with four adjustable clock dials and a removable roof, allowing all-important access to the belfry.

MICRO SCOOTERS | Mini2go Deluxe Plus

Your child will be the coolest kid on the block with this Mini2go Deluxe Plus by Micro Scooters. Suitable for ages 1-5 years, this sleek mini vehicle converts from ride-on to scooter and comes complete with a new parents’ handlebar – just in case the kids get a little carried away with Christmas spirit.

DICKIE TOYS | Remote Control Dirt Slammer

Take your child’s adventures to the next level with this awesome Remote Control Dirt Slammer from Dickie Toys. This 26cm dirt racer car features full driving functions with durable PVC body and 27 MHz wireless remote control handset.

NICI | Plush Standing Sea Monster

Let’s be honest – no toy collection is complete without a plush standing sea monster. Featuring a soft furry coat the colour of the deepest oceans, this fierce yet friendly sea monster will make a fun companion for any child – especially at Christmas time.

LEGO | LEGO Creator Expert Carousel

Gifting a genuine life-size carousel is a little impractical, but gifting a LEGO Creator Expert Carousel will provide just as much fun. Once construction is complete, you and the kids can buy your tickets at the booth, step onto the platform and experience the menagerie of storybook characters, including a wise elephant, legendary striped tiger and brilliant pink flamingo.

VILAC | Barbapapa Train Set

Just the kind of gift you can imagine Santa’s elves carving into shape, this old-school wooden trail set comes complete with rails, magnetic locomotives and wagons, a house, fun characters and model trees. Including almost thirty pieces for your children to play with, this set is sure to deliver hours of entertainment on Christmas Day.


BOARD GAMES | Giant Inflatable Pass the Pigs

If you thought Pass the Pigs couldn’t get more entertaining, think again. Inflate your Christmas Day fun with the classic game’s party edition, featuring giant inflatable pigs in place of the traditional miniature models. Throw the giant pigs into the air, and score or deduct points depending on where they land. The perfect activity for the kids post your Christmas Day lunch.

WAHU | Pool Lollies - Sugar Rush Mix

There’s nothing like jumping in the pool on a hot Australian Christmas day. Make your post-present-opening dip all the more enjoyable with this sugar rush mix of pool lollies by Wahu. These blow-up sweets will make your time in the pool even fresher, because who wouldn’t love floating on a large, inflatable freckle?

Have you checked off your Christmas list?

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