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Meet the butcher: Peter Bouchier

Peter Bouchier | Butchers of Distinction Peter Bouchier | Butchers of Distinction

Since the first food hall opened in Sydney in 1936, David Jones has been providing premium produce to its customers. Our new Bondi Junction Food Hall will continue this tradition. In the lead up to launch we sat down with Peter Bouchier, the butcher helping to revolutionise the stores’ food offering.

Tell us about your ethos, Peter.

We really do search the country to source the best product. We’re all about building relationships with producers and farmers.

How has the business changed over the years?

People are so much more interested in product now. They want to know who grew it, where it’s from, what it ate… It’s a massive change, all for the better.

Close up of man carving meat “I reckon the secret is to raise the meat to room temperature before you cook it.”

Any tricks you can share?

A lot of the butchers’ cuts are cheaper – oyster blade, hanger steaks – and they’re really tasty. The best tip for buying good meat is to get to know the butcher behind the counter, and at David Jones you can get that expert advice about what you’re buying and how best to prepare it. As for me, I reckon the secret is to raise the meat to room temperature before you cook it; there’s no point putting a cold piece of meat in a hot oven – it will just tighten up. Season well as you cook. And, finally, resting [the cooked meat] is so important.

Keep reading to get ready for your next barbecue...