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You’re invited to welcome Lunar NY with tasty Lune croissants

Lune Croissanterie Cruffins

Love croissants as much as we do?

You’re invited to experience the world-class pastries of Lune Croissanterie, made especially for David Jones with special, limited-edition flavours inspired by Lunar New Year 2018. The famous pastry makers will pop up in our Bourke Street Mall Food Hall for three days from February 13th, serving up some of the most unique croissants you’re ever tasted.

To celebrate our upcoming croissant-collaboration – and to whet our appetites – we spoke to Lune’s co-founder Kate Reid on their baking philosophy, and their limited-edition Lunar New Year pastries.

Founders of Lune Croissanterie Cameron and Kate Reid. Image courtesy of Lune Croissanterie.

Founders of Lune Croissanterie Cameron and Kate Reid. Image courtesy of Lune Croissanterie.

What is Lune’s baking philosophy?

Attention to detail at every point in the croissant making process, working with accuracy, consistency, and a commitment to quality.

What’s happening at the David Jones x LUNE pop-up?

We’ve developed three brand new Cruffin flavours, exclusive to the pop-up. We’ll be selling them in boxes of six – two of each flavour – and there will only be 88 boxes made per day. I’d recommend getting down to DJs early to ensure you don’t miss out!

How did you decide on the limited edition LNY flavours you’ll have at David Jones Bourke St?

I researched classic sweet treats that are enjoyed over the Lunar New Year period, and used these ideas as inspiration for our three new Cruffin flavours. I also asked several of our wonderful regular customers who have become great friends of Lune over the years about their favourite LNY sweet treats!

Duck Egg Cruffin

Duck Egg Cruffin

Can you tell us about Lune’s beginnings?

I’m actually a qualified Aerospace Engineer, [but] discovered pretty early on that working in front of a computer just wasn’t the life for me. I’ve always had a love of baking, and many trips to France increased my interest in, and passion for, pastry. There was something so beautiful about croissants, yet it became clear to me that they weren’t easy to make. I’ve always loved a challenge, and making croissants seems to be the perfect combination of artisan craft and science.

So I guess I’m not a typical pastry chef, nor am I classically trained. I spent a short amount of time staging in the raw pastry kitchen at a boulangerie in Paris called Du Pain et des Idees. When I got back to Melbourne all I wanted was a coffee and croissant for breakfast, but I couldn’t find a croissant that lived up to the ones in Paris. An idea started to form in my mind about creating a bakery that specialised in croissants, and so Lune was born!

Lune Croissanterie Croissants

Where do you source your ingredients?

When I first started Lune I spent a lot of time researching, sourcing and testing many different raw ingredients. My priority was to use the highest quality ingredients that achieved very best final product (both in flavour and texture).

It was also important to me to source ingredients locally; I achieved this in everything but the butter we use to laminate the pastry – this butter comes from Normandy in France. Not only does the particular French butter we use taste exceptional, it also has extremely desirable working properties, which is very important for consistent production.

Kate Reid of Lune Croissanterie

Kate Reid at the Lune Lab

What makes Lune’s croissants different?

During my time in France (staging at Du Pain et des Idees) I learnt maybe only 15-20% of the entire croissant making process. [So] rather than going to pastry school or doing an apprenticeship I made the decision to fill in the gaps and figure out the process myself, using trial and error to develop techniques that resulted in the properties that I look for in a good croissant, hence our processes are rather unorthodox.

My background in engineering played a big part in the development of these techniques. I would change one variable at a time and analyse the differences it made to the final baked product. If it was an improvement it would become the new baseline technique. Based on this process of trial and error testing, the final product I ended up with was something quite different to the croissants I’d made at Du Pain.

This has the bonus knock-on effect of not being tied to a century-old classic French technique; all of our processes are always up for improvement and development. We are constantly learning more about how all the different variables affect the final product - ingredient, environment, time, technique - and hence our process is constantly evolving and improving based on built up knowledge.

Another point of difference is that we bake fresh throughout the day, which ensures that at any point in time customers can get a croissant that has been baked no longer than 30 minutes ago. It’s pretty special to have a fresh croissant!

Lychee Cruffin

Lychee Cruffin

What is your favourite thing about Lunar New Year?

The past few years I have celebrated LNY at a Chinese restaurant in Little Bourke St, and I love it when the dragons come into the restaurant and dance around the tables!

If you had to describe your Lunar New Year pastries in three words, what would they be?

Inspired, fun and lune-ar!

L U N E  P O P - U P 

E V E N T  D E T A I L S

Join the queue at our Lune pop-up this February and you’ll automatically enter a prize drawer for a chance to win an experience at a Lune lab degustation. You’ll also receive a Lucky Ticket entitling you to special discounts at our David Jones Food Hall for the duration of our pastry pop-up – talk about a delicious deal!


Lune Pop-up Store


9:30 AM Tuesday 13th Feb – Thursday 15th Feb


David Jones, Bourke Street Food hall, Melbourne

Stay up-to-date with all the collaboration excitement on Instagram with our official event hashtag #LUNEXDJs

Click here to read more about the Lune pop-up


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