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David Jones

Meals Made Easy

food hero

I’m going to be honest with you: I always say I’m going to cook but hardly ever end up doing it. I just never have the time, at least not during the week. This leaves me either making something that’s not that desirable or getting take-out that isn’t all that good for me. But it doesn’t have to be this way, at least not anymore, and here’s why:  

The new David Jones Food Fresh Prepared range is now out and I couldn’t be happier, is it any coincidence we decided to launch so close to Christmas? I don’t think so. Time poor lovers of food will enjoy the wide selection of delicious and healthy meals, regardless of their culinary skills; whether you’re an amateur chef or simply after a quick and flavoursome meal solution, the Fresh Prepared range, which consists of amazing salads and vegetable meals that are easy-to-cook and quick (just pop it in the microwave and hello dinner in under 7 minutes!) will leave everyone deliciously satisfied.

Just imagine: you’ve finished work late, it’s a Monday, you don’t really want to cook and going out seems a bit much so you pop into the David Jones Foodhall and pick yourself up a cauliflower rice, zucchini and broccolini stir fry mix or a green vegetable medley with mint and chive butter. Presto! You have yourself a wonderful side dish or meal base that not only leaves you satisfied but doesn’t make you feel guilty – think of it as fast food made healthy and incredibly tasty! The range also has ready-to-go salads that are ideal for lunchtime.

David Jones understands that our customers want the very best produce available, and that’s exactly what we’ve sourced by working with the best Australian and international suppliers. I can only wait in hungry anticipation at the food expansion that will continue to take place in the New Year. With more product varieties including exciting new ranges of fresh meals coming out in 2017 you’ll be sure to find me at the Foodhall treating my taste buds to something delightful.

Make sure you check out Melanie Lionello’s blog Naturally Nutritious. Melanie has created a sensational recipe using the David Jones Food Fresh Prepared range. Click here to check it out

The current David Jones Fresh Prepared range is available now in the Market Street and Bondi Foodhalls in Sydney and the Bourke Street Foodhall in Melbourne.