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David Jones

Why Denim is so American

American style can sometimes be a bit hard to define; it can be both preppy but glam, sporty but refined, casual but chic.

But one fashion staple that identifies as quintessentially American is the denim jean. From the urban streets of New York, the glittering bars of Hollywood, to the hippie communes of Portland, and the cowboy clubs of Texas, jeans form a large part of America’s sartorial identity no matter what fashion tribe one may belong to. It’s a unifying fashion leveler of sorts, which makes sense with denim jeans originally designed for the working class, prized for its comfort and hard wearing material.

It’s hard to imagine now of jeans only being worn purely for utility - bejewelled back pockets and high-waisted skinny jean styles come to mind - but from its humble origins, what it hasn’t lost is its everyman quality and egalitarian approach to fashion. Jeans are what politicians and CEOs of tech companies wear when they want to display affinity with their constituents; it’s what everyone in the office wears for casual Fridays; and it’s what you wear when you want to appear cool and approachable. 

So in celebration of America’s Independence Day, we round up our favourite denim brands from the US of A.

AG by Adriano Goldschmied

Founded by denim guru Yul Ku, AG by Adriano Goldschmied has its DNA rooted in denim. With top-selling collaborations with Alexa Chung, this brand prides itself in creating chic, classic and sophisticated designs.

Shop AG by Adriano Goldschmied.


Founded by Levi Strauss in 1873, Levi’s were the first blue jeans ever made. It all began with the invention of a rivet to make working class men’s pants stronger, and now almost 150 years later, Levi’s jeans are still known for their timeless quality and style.

Shop Levi's.

Guess Jeans

Popular in the ‘90s for putting supermodels in their jeans, Guess Jeans have become synonymous for their sexy and bombshell approach to denim.

Shop Guess Jeans.


This shirt brand is a celebrity favourite with its distinctly Southern California style; equal parts laid-back and sophisticated, capturing that effortlessly cool attitude of the L.A. set. 

Shop Rails.

Articles of Society

Another LA-based brand whose jeans are coveted by some of the coolest fashion bloggers. They’re known for their on-trend styles without the eye-watering prices.

Shop Articles of Society.