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David Jones

The Story of Cotton

Bassike's organic cotton tees Shop Now

Think of the most basic piece you own in your wardrobe and you'll probably think of your favourite cotton t-shirt. It's a staple item in most of our wardrobes and yet it's relatively expendable; a simple t-shirt is just one of those items we all own but buy often. And as simple as a cotton tee is, few of us realise that it comes from a more complex supply chain process. 

Cotton is the most widely produced natural fibre in the world, and is harvested from green, bushy shrubs that produce 'fruit' in the form of cotton bolls. These plants are a thirsty crop with high water usage, and use a large amount of pesticides and insecticides. Once picked, they are transported to a  cotton gin to be spun into yarn, and then sent to another factory to be dyed and woven into a knitted fabric. Only then will it begin to resemble the familiar shape of a cotton t-shirt.

The production and manufacture of cotton is clearly a complex process that has a significant impact on the environment, and amidst this are additional social and community issues, such as the state-sponsored forced adult and child labour in Uzbekistan, one of the world's largest cotton producers. 

These issues form part of the reason that David Jones, along with nearly 200 other brands globally, has become signatory to the Cotton Pledge which is a commitment to not knowingly using cotton from Uzbekistan (Find out more about David Jones' ethical sourcing program). 

The use of organic cotton, which is produced without pesticides and fertilisers, have also increased amongst fashion labels and designers, including many David Jones brands such as Bassike, and newly launched label KitX. Paul Smith and Nudie Jeans also offer organic garments plus a myriad of other brands offering kidswear and bedding. 

The movement towards sustainable and ethically sourced cotton is growing, and it's one to think about the next time we pull on our favourite cotton tee.

Shop some of our favourite organic brands:

  • 1

    Singlet Vest by Baselayers

    Baselayers makes organic cotton thermal underwear with a super soft feel. This singlet makes for a perfect layering piece for winter.

    Shop Now
  • 2

    Striped Long Sleeve Dress by Bassike

    Bassike is proof that sustainable clothing can be part of mainstream fashion. This striped dress is made up of organic cotton jersey and is an essential to any transeasonal wardrobe.

    Shop Now
  • 3

    Short Sleeve Geometric Logo Tee by Paul Smith Jeans

    Paul Smith's t-shirt range for men is made from pure organic cotton but still showcases the brand's quirky design prints, such as in this logo tee.

    Shop Now
  • 4

    Thin Finn Jeans by Nudie Jeans

    A straight leg fit which narrows at the ankle, these jeans are part of Nudie Jeans' denim range made up of 100% organic cotton.

    Shop Now
  • 5

    2 Pack Long Sleeve Bodysuit by Nature Baby

    Comfort and easy breathability makes this perfect for newborns, plus they are made from certified organic cotton.

    Shop Now
  • 6

    Epaulet Tee by Purebaby

    Purebaby is focused on creating quality kidswear, and this cute top is made up of pure organic cotton pique.

    Shop Now