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David Jones

Sustainable Fashion Evolution

Last week at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, a panel discussion was held with three clothing brands speaking about the sustainability of fashion in Australia.

Called Clean Cut Future Talks, it was a significant pause amidst the frenzy of new season collections, celebrities and streetstyle at MBFWA; a sign that sustainable fashion is no longer a passing fad or a 'Green is the New Black' headline, but rather an issue that is firmly in the mainstream.

And there's a lot to consider; from sustainable production to ethical sourcing which involves, amongst many others, issues such as knowing who made your clothes (read more about Fashion Revolution Day held on 24 April) and reducing the environmental footprint produced during the manufacturing process.

Internationally, these issues have made headlines and have particularly raised the profile of Stella McCartney, a champion of sustainable fashion who has changed the way we think about what ethically- and socially-conscious clothes look like. It's a massive evolution; demonstrating that high-fashion and design-led brands can be sustainable.

Closer to our shores, many Australian designers such as Bianca Spender, Ginger & Smart, and Scanlan & Theodore have been accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, as well as fashion brands Viktoria + Woods and Nobody Denim. 

As a department store that houses these brands, we at David Jones have also recently updated our Supplier Code of Conduct, including becoming a signatory to The Cotton Pledge, an industry initiative concerned with traceability in cotton (read about it more here). Though we are at the beginning of our journey, we are committed to contributing to the further evolution of sustainable fashion and creating a community of conscious consumers.

Shop our sustainable brands online as accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia:

From top left: Bianca SpenderNobody DenimGinger & SmartManning CartellViktoria + WoodsVeronika Maine

Top image by Kate Smith for M.A.C. Cosmetics