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Look Inside: JONES Winter Issue 4

Pick up your copy of JONES at David Jones and see where this winter takes you.

Image of woman looking out into the distance on the beach in New Zealand Photography by Simon Upton

Winter, you took a while. As summer came to a close, I never thought I’d welcome you so readily. But the chill feels good. Plus, I finally get to pull on my new green velvet boots.

The new season is infused with green – wintergreen.  Green is the colour of hopefulness – from the glossy green of a leaf to the intense blue-green hues of a deep ocean; it represents our connection to nature and to one another. Researchers have even found that looking at shades of green can boost creativity, reduce stress and inspire imagination.

Inspired, this issue we take you on a rich journey through winter, where the fashion is wild, thrilling and staggeringly beautiful.

We go cross-country in toffee-toned coats and unexpected pairings. We fly across the Tasman to walk the black sand at Piha beach on New Zealand's north island. We encounter new season seagreen silks, all shades of black and tightly tied corsets. We revamp the wild side with leather and fishnets. And we look at the rules for this season.

Effortless chic is all about balancing the extremes. If wearing metallic, then drop the accessories; if showing a lot of leg, then cover the cleavage; if it’s all about the colour, then keep it simple. It’s how you wear it. It’s an attitude. (And don't forget that the rules were made to be broken.)

We chat to the super creatives across design, fashion, architecture, art and more. What are their processes? What drives and inspires them? We look to creatives to provide a vision of what we, ourselves, could be or do, or to at least to give us permission to explore and acknowledge our own creativity. We are all creative in our own ways; we just need to take the leap.

Winter, you arrived just in time. What is fashion if not the chance to dream?


Words by Deborah Bibby | JONES Editor-in-Chief

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