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The NY Fashion Week trend that you can wear right now

Photograph of guest at New York Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2017 Getty Images

The logo is back, and it’s never looked better.

We know what you’re thinking. You thought the logo trend had faded with the rise of ’90s minimalism. Once upon a time it was cool to flaunt the symbol of your favourite brand, but that was a thing of the past. To be overtly “on brand” had become one of fashion’s most cringe-worthy clichés. Not so long ago, that was kind of true – but not anymore.

As seen in the street style pics from New York Fashion Week, we are experiencing a great brand renaissance, a return of all the logo-emblazoned attire we’d shoved into the darkest corners of our closets. Throwing all subtlety to the wind, some of the biggest names in fashion are – once again – brandishing their brands with pride; a move that has already gained rapid momentum on the streets.

Whether you’ve always had a love for Calvin Klein, or a bit of a thing for Armani, now’s the time to flaunt your fan-status to the fashion crowd.

Keep reading to shop the best in this season’s logo tees.