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David Jones

MIMCO celebrates 20 years

The MIMCO Muses

Accessories brand MIMCO recently celebrated 20 years, throwing a grand soiree that is every bit as glamourous, fun-filled and imaginative as you'd expect. Always pushing the boundaries with a design style that is distinctly and undeniably MIMCO, the brand's success owes much to their managing and creative director, Cathryn Wills. 

Post-soiree, we chat to Cathryn on her favourite MIMCO piece, her inspirations, and how to celebrate 20 years in style.

David Jones ambassador Jesinta Campbell and MIMCO managing & creative director Cathryn Wills at the MIMCO 20th birthday soiree.

How does it feel celebrating 20 years of MIMCO? 

It is certainly an exciting milestone to look back on, but also a time to reflect on the amazing team we’ve built and the success we’re experiencing as brand has been great – the hard yards really have been worth it. It is absolutely a time to say cheers and thank you to all the MIMCO lovers, supporters, friends, writers, bloggers, photographers, muses and collaborators who have made the brand what it is today. And the most exciting thing would be looking towards the future; the collaborations, the product categories growth and the innovation and expansion of our universe that is still to come.

What was the most memorable moment of the soiree? 

Being able to share our journey with guests, friends and supporters of the brand — to talk about the incredible MIMCO team, past and present was a real thrill, but I must say the night may have been stolen by four incredible Queens who kicked-off a brilliant night of festivities. Our MIMCO Muses are the aesthetic inspiration for each season, and to see them come to life was just one more unique memory to add to a long list. Another beautiful element of the night was Monty Cole’s portrait studio. Everyone had a blast with the boudoir-inspired set up and it was the perfect take home for the night, along with of course, the gold embossing station that allowed guests to take home their personalised bag charms.

Exclusive MIMCO cocktails and personalised bag charms

Tell us about the MIMCO time capsules.

The concept behind the time capsules was really to bring the guests on the MIMCO journey as they entered the party. We started with the early days; the original Lucy Bags and Chill pins that were the starting point for Amanda Brinkin’s brainchild, MIMCO. And truly, I think that creativity, uniqueness and passion is something that underpins the brand’s ethos, even after 20 years.  We then moved on to some iconic pieces from our first Mercedes Benz fashion Week show and, of course, the Button Bag; a signature piece we brought back in a whole new way this year with a little help from the incredible winner of our #MIMCOdesignproject. 

Sometimes weird but always wonderful, our approach to the Limited Edition pieces has been “wearable art”, and the crystal, chainmail and jet shoulder piece we choose was worn by Nicole Trunfio in our 2011 campaign in  Paris.  And for our final capsule we looked to the future — slightly meta, we know, but the feeling behind it was to be able celebrate whoever it was looking back in the mirror. Our 20th Birthday mantra, after all was to #bewhoyouare.

The MIMCO time capsules

After almost 12 years at MIMCO, what does the brand mean to you? 

MIMCO has always been about women. It’s also about creativity, diversity, female empowerment, individuality and the magic of design and imagination coming together to create not only our collections, but a brand that speaks to and celebrates all  women.  

And what do you get inspired by?

Futurism meets nostalgia; beautiful aliens and 1920’s flappers. I love the juxtaposition and opposites attract approach when it comes to inspiration. I don’t like literal referencing – the design approach we take is to combine, contrast and hopefully surprise our woman with unique, collectable treasures.

Cathryn Wills' favourite: the Supernatural Mini Shop Now

Finally, what's your favourite MIMCO piece?

The Supernatural mini — not the most “out there” piece I know, but it really IS my favourite. I add bag charms to it to give it a bit more personality and it’s the perfect bag for travel and office use.


All Images from MIMCO.