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David Jones

It's In You

Much has been said about how clothes transform us and how make-up can enhance how we feel. Shrugging on a well-tailored jacket, applying a glossy red lipstick, tying the last knot in your laces - simple acts we all do every day, but it’s these that are the transformative part of our daily ritual; when we decide what to wear and who to be, just before we take on the world. 

David Jones has released a new campaign called “It’s In You” that takes the transformative power of clothes and make-up a step further. Recognising that what we wear isn’t just an indication of who we are, but something more powerful; the campaign highlights our potential to become who we want to be through the sartorial choices we make. 

“Our customers have told us that clothing or make up can empower them to face their challenges head on, and enable them to be whoever they need to be at any given time. We think this speaks to a powerful truth – that clothing and make up may be the inspiration but the real power is in you,” said David Jones Chief Marketing Officer, David Robinson. 

Starring a cast of recognisable Australian celebrities such as rockstar Tim Rogers, dancer Juliette Barton, and newly announced David Jones ambassador Adam Goodes alongside fellow ambassador Jessica Gomes, the campaign’s imagery shows clothes and make-up as the visual motif to portray seven attributes including power, courage, elation, swagger, confidence, fierceness and sensuality. These attributes come alive even further in the electrifying campaign film set to Kanye West’s ‘Power’ song.

The message is loud and clear: whoever you want to be, it’s in you.