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David Jones

At the David Jones Table: Women and the Workplace

At the David Jones Table is an original content series launching on International Women's Day with a 4-part roundtable discussion featuring 19 of Australia's most influential women discussing issues that matter to them the most.

Achieving gender equality in the workplace is an issue that goes beyond just getting equal pay and benefits. For the women who took part in the inaugural 'At The David Jones Table' roundtable series, it's also about managing ambitions and defining what leadership means.

Representing a wide range of industries and vocations including media, philanthropy, retail and business, here's what they had to say:

On Ambition

"I'm dangerously ambitious...I do everything and then I collapse. And it's usually at that collapse point, where it's like well why didn't you just ask for help? We are our own worst enemies, I am...I just think I can do it all, and I absolutely cannot do it all." - Kellie Hush on 'having it all'.

"I have an immense amount of ambition. And our careers are the only things we own..we go about sculpting them out of a lot of dreaming of what's possible." - Mary Coustas

"Setting benchmarks for yourself and dreaming big and having the ambition to make that giant leap. It should be something that is ingrained in all of us to have that innate ambition to want to succeed in whatever we decide to do." - Christine Manfield

"What's really important to young girls is that they get out there and they do something, anything, so that they know that they can actually have an impact and they know that they can make some kind of change in the world and they can then apply it to all the other areas of their life." - Marita Cheng

On Leadership

"I think that women in leadership positions, really should be judged on their performances, but I also think partly judged on the amount of women they bring up into senior ranks with them. Whenever I've been able to do that, I've made a point of doing that..." - Lucy Turnbull AO

"I'd like to see women take on leadership positions. It's not until women take on those positions that we're actually going to change the status quo." - Christine Manfield

Watch all the episodes of the 'At The David Jones Table: Women in Conversation' series:

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