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David Jones

At the David Jones Table: On Family

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, we take a look back at the women from the ‘At the David Jones Table’ series as they discuss motherhood, family and relationships.

On juggling family and work

"When I was a baby lawyer…the idea that husbands looked after children was completely revolutionary. That would be unthinkable today that you couldn’t take maternity leave. Having a husband who’s worked extraordinarily long hours too, I worked adaptively for a long time because I couldn’t work in an organisation where there was no expectation or understanding that sometimes you need a more flexible life." - Lucy Turnbull

On having children

"There’s a lot of judgement about women who don’t have children. There’s certain milestones as a woman that you’re meant to achieve: one that you have a partner, and one that you have children." - Gretel Killeen

"It is quite a hard decision, and I think a lot of people think they'll be able to juggle it. But you can't juggle it all....so for us, there was still amazing joys we could have from our extended family...and there are lots of ways you can have children, and they don't need to be biological children to give you joy." - Indira Naidoo on the decision not to have children

"You get to a certain age, and the world starts to feel like they own your ovaries." - Carla McGrath on the pressure to have children and the decision to freeze her eggs

"I knew that the chance was there, and it wasn't unrealistic of me to think that I could there. The 22nd attempt was by far the hardest for me, because by that point I literally woke up without hope. But you don't know what you can tolerate until you've tested yourself." - Mary Coustas on multiple IVF attempts and falling pregnant. 

On motherhood

"Because of the pressure I put on myself to become pregnant, I then put an extraordinary amount of pressure on myself to be the perfect mum. When it didn't unfold the way I hoped it would unfold, and I felt very differently to how I imagined I would feel, I really struggled with that. What right do I have to complain when I knew how much I longed and yearned for this baby. It was a really difficult thing for me to say that I post natal depression. As women, as mothers, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to present this fabulous exterior to the world, there’s so much myths around motherhood…for me, it was very hard to own up to that when you feel like you’re the only one [not feeling that way]." - Jessica Rowe

"I have two girls, 10 and 7. I'm very lucky. But it's a challenge...I'm not a perfect mother, I'd like to be perfect, but I was yelling and screaming at 7:45am."
- Kellie Hush

On family support

"For me, I had my child fifteen years ago…My husband is the primary caregiver…so I’m in a privileged position that I can then devote my time to my career. He’s a great encourager of the work I do." - Donna Player

"If I didn’t have my family in the way that I did, there’s no way that I would have been fearless in my approach [in life]." - Sheree Commerford

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