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David Jones


Today we announce the launch of JONES - a quarterly fashion and lifestyle magazine, an app providing on-the-go inspiration and advice, and a newly revamped website to help you make a fashion statement and stay on-trend. But more than that, it is created to empower you to embrace YOUR style and love YOUR look. Filled with style tips, expert advice and insider info featuring the best of Australian and international fashion, JONES invites you to make your own statement, explore your style, and discover endless possibilities.

Meet the JONES team

Meet Editor-in-Chief Deborah Bibby, Fashion Director Thelma McQuillan and Beauty Director Danielle Jackson. Deborah launched and edited real living magazine for 11 years and decided to take the leap when she heard it was a magazine for the iconic David Jones. "I see JONES as a beautiful collaboration with the reader, a modern woman who loves wearable with a dash of unique, we want JONES to inspire and allow you to dream." 

Thelma was Fashion Director on Harpers Bazaar and Danielle began her beauty career writing for Harpers Bazaar. Thelma and Danielle are both excited at the opportunity to work with one of Australia's most iconic brands. "It's an amazing opportunity to celebrate fashion and strong inspiring women."  


Download the new JONES App and enjoy more style tips, insider info and an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Elizabeth Debicki filmed by Gracie Otto. Plus download your very own set of hand-drawn JONES emojis. Available free from the App Store and Google Play.