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David Jones

Style Resolutions

Anyone obsessed with fashion knows that the key to looking stylish is knowing what looks good on you and your body. You know that A-line dresses give you a more hourglass shape or that as much as you love the idea of wearing sneakers with midi-skirts, you just don’t have the calves or ankles for it. But sometimes sticking to what you know can mean being stuck in a rut, a style rut. And there’s no better time to reassess your wardrobe and update your style than the new year. 

Read up on our six fashion resolutions that will help make this year your most stylish yet.

SHOP: Marsh Shirt Dress by Jac + Jack 

Invest in quality basics.

Crisp button up shirts, great fitting jeans, soft casual t-shirts - these basics form the foundation of our wardrobes and often are what we reach for when we can’t be bothered thinking about what to wear. Opt for quality materials and fit when shopping for these essentials to look stylish even when you don’t even feel like trying. 

SHOP: 'Mr Harlequin' Woven Shoulder Bag by Deadly Ponies

Replace your everyday bag.

While some of us have a bag collection rivalling our shoes, often we just stick to using the same bag day in, day out. Take this opportunity to retire your trusty bag from last year and pick up a new one in a different style or even colour. Not only will it force you to change up your look, but it also means you’ll finally clean out all the lolly wrappers, old lip balms and scrunched up receipts living inside your bag.

SHOP: Carey Shirt in Wine and Jagg Skirt in Green, both by Sandro Paris

Make conscious colour decisions.

Not everyone can clash prints or colours like a pro, and most of us need a neutral as our base colour for our outfits. This year, don’t just automatically reach for black, try navy or khaki, or this season’s newest colour trend, burgundy. It will work just as well but will give your look something unexpected.

SHOP: Twist & Shake Stud Earrings by Mimco

Swap out your earrings.

Just like our handbags, we typically wear the same pair of earrings the whole year. Make an effort to swap out your earrings every now and then — it’s an easy way to change up your look, plus it draws attention to your beautiful face.

SHOP: Lulu Soft Cup Bra, Lulu Strap Brief, and Winona Soft Cup Bra; all by Lonely

Make sure the inside looks as good as the outside.

Ever been guilty of wearing an old t-shirt bra under a gorgeous Zimmermann blouse? Trust us, it spoils the effect and your outfit would look better with undergarments that fit you right and hold you in all the right places. And there’s nothing sexier than knowing you’re wearing beautiful underwear underneath your normal clothes.

SHOP: Jeunesse Skirt and James Skirt, both by Maje

Wear your statement pieces now, not just save them for a special occasion.

Obviously a full length gown is not going to be right for work, but there’s no reason why you can’t wear a full length skirt or a lace dress in your 9 to 5 (style tip: pair it with a white button-down shirt to make your look work-appropriate). The normal rules apply, of course; nothing too short or revealing, but there’s no time like the present to wear special pieces and mix them up with your daily wardrobe. 

SHOP: Drew Mini Bag in Silver by Chloé

Don’t feel bad about wanting a little bit of luxury in your life.

Whether you're a recipient of a good bonus or you’ve painstakingly saved up for that designer handbag or jacket, everyone needs a little bit of luxury in their life so don’t feel bad about splurging every now and then. Mixing high fashion with more affordable pieces is the modern way to dress anyway, and you totally deserve it.