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David Jones

Guide to Man-Style Dressing

Cast your mind back to a few seasons ago when androgynous dressing was on trend. Girls started dressing like boys, felt hats, brogues and ties were the must-have accessories, and Agyness Deyn was everyone's style inspiration. It's a trend that's lasted, appealing not just to the tomboys in us, but because slipping into clothes that are traditionally not feminine felt good and powerful, a way to subvert gender codes even if we're just playing dress up.

Winter is typically the best season for man-style dressing, and this season's long line vests, double-breasted blazers and lean trousers give us many options to choose from. 

Take guidance from David Jones' very own androgynous beauty, Montana Cox (from a shoot with Sunday Mail) for the top items you need to dress up like a man:

1. A long-line blazer

2. A button-up shirt

3. A sleeveless vest

On Montana: Vest by Veronika Maine (available in-store); on right: Wicked Games Vest by Cameo, Finite Vest by Camilla and Marc

4. A pair of trousers

Image credits:
Stylist: Cimon Vozzo
Photographer: Simon Cecere