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David Jones

Watch This Space | Sophie Lowe on i-D magazine

Creative, thoughtful and beautiful, actress/musician Sophie Lowe features in our Watch This Space campaign. In collaboration with i-D magazine, she chats about her passion for music and what it's like being part of the next wave of Australian talent.

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Sophie Lowe is one of those modest young women, whose age belies her wealth of experience. At just 25, Lowe is already an industry veteran in the field of acting, having starred in numerous films and television shows alongside stars such as Naomi Watts and Melissa George. Lately though, the talented actress has also been busy cultivating a musical career to complement her acting work, and is humbled by the positive response she has received so far. 

As one of the eleven talents invited to appear in the David Jones 'Watch This Space' campaign, it's an opportunity that the actress and singer says she is very excited about - not least of all because she loves the idea of being considered an emerging talent again; this time in the context of a new creative field.

Wary of being labelled under the reductive umbrella of an actress just trying to sing though, Lowe is actually incredibly passionate about the music she is putting out into the world. It's a process that is both frightening in its vulnerability and exciting in its potential for learning. And, as with her acting, the music is incredibly honest; a true reflection of this young creative's own emotion and experiences. As her new single, Pink Flowers debuts on Triple J and her new TV show, The Beautiful Lie premieres on the ABC, we took a moment to catch up with the versatile young talent.

i-D: Can you tell me about when you first became interested in using music as a creative outlet?

Sophie: It was at the same time I started acting, really. I just didn't do anything about the music thing for a while, because I was trying to find the right balance of what I wanted to say. Until recently, I have been focused on my acting, but I have always been writing on my laptop, wherever I am in the world.

i-D: So it's been a pretty natural transition for you, then. Have you found the creative process to be very different from acting?

Sophie: I guess so, yeah. Because it's all me, it's not a character. My inspiration is just what I'm feeling and what I'm going through, that's where it's different. When I'm singing on stage, I am conscious of trying to be myself in front of everyone, instead of just hiding behind a particular character.

i-D: Do you feel like you draw from personal experiences in your acting too?

Sophie: Oh yeah, definitely. I mean I have to draw from my personal experiences. Lots of my characters have been really intense and I haven't been through anything quite like that, but you have to try and draw from experiences that are similar. With my music though, it's all drawing from life. I know exactly what it feels like, so it's very raw. That said, acting is all about being honest as well, because people can see straight through that shit.

i-D: Your song Understand feels quite different to some of your other tracks like Dreaming, for example. How do you think your sound has evolved and developed over time?

Sophie: Understand is about being frustrated because people don't understand what you're trying to say. It's that inner feeling of wanting to scream or punch a pillow. But with Dreaming, there was also guitar in the song because it was co-written by the guitarist James McComb. I think now I am just less afraid to take risks. My first EP was a bit more limited in terms of what I could do, because I was still learning and experimenting. But the more I learn, the more risks I am able to take with my sounds.

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i-D: You've just done the David Jones 'Watch This Space' campaign too; you've been so busy. What was that like to be a part of?

Sophie: It was great. When I first heard about it, I was really excited to be involved, because I saw all of the other people on board and I really look up to a lot of them. It was a really fun day on set, with a little dog running around and I just feel very blessed to have been considered.

i-D: What do you think is one of the best things about being part of the new generation of Australian talent?

Sophie: Just to be recognised for what I'm doing is really special. It's funny because I've been acting for so long and, now with my music - because it's new - people are reconsidering me as an emerging talent. It's really cool that people are appreciating my music, because it's easy to get stuck under the category of 'an actress just trying to sing'. Instead, it feels like people are actually taking my music seriously and respecting what I'm trying to say.