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David Jones

Love Your Work: Tina Arena on Christmas

Tina Arena David Jones CHristmas

Christmas is steadily drawing closer and closer! Only 15 days away, most of our minds are slowly switching into holiday mode. In the spirit of all things Christmas, we had a chat to Tina Arena about her collaboration with David Jones for this year's Christmas campaign, as well as her plans for the holidays. If you live in Sydney, make sure you head to David Jones Elizabeth St store this Thursday 11th December at 12.30pm to watch her perform the song from the Christmas campaign, The Things We Do For Love. Find out more on our Facebook page here.

DJ: Hi Tina. Tell us a little bit about your experience collaborating with David Jones for this year’s Christmas campaign.

TA: I really felt a connection to this campaign as soon as I saw the draft idea. I love the subtitles of it, that type of marketing really resonates with me - it's not overly commercial or aggressive. It's like a short film with a great story, lots of heart and a great song. I've always liked the 10CC song "The Things We Do For Love" and it's a really beautiful message for Christmas. The fact that proceeds from the song benefit the Breast Cancer Foundation is in-line with the Christmas spirit.

DJ: Not long now until Christmas! Have you started your Christmas gift shopping yet?

TA: No. Sadly I haven't even had time to think about it yet. It will be last minute for me unfortunately. I'm working up until December 17th in the studio but after that I'll get all my shopping done.

DJ: Christmas is about being with family, giving gifts and of course, a big Christmas feast. What is on your menu this holiday season?

TA: We haven't decided yet. This year for the first time the whole family will be in Australia... Our food usually is a mix of Australian and Italian. Not really traditional Australian Christmas food.

DJ: What have you got planned for Christmas eve and Christmas day this year?

TA: We haven't decided. Do you see a theme here?? It will either be at my parents home in Melbourne or their beach house just outside Melbourne. Maybe a bit of time at both.

DJ: Do you have any family traditions you can share with us?

TA: It's very loud at our place at Christmas. Lots of chaos, laughing, lots and lots of food. Our family is spread around the world so we're excited when we are all together. Sometimes we open presents on Christmas eve.

DJ: What are your Christmas wardrobe essentials?

TA: Anything comfortable and sunscreen for the beach!

DJ: What is on your Christmas wishlist this year?

TA: The gifts are more for the children, what I really want is some downtime to relax and spend with family and friends.