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David Jones

Activewear Has Never Looked So Good

OUT activewear
DJ: How did OUT come about? 

OUT: We all worked for Sephora for a number of years and were constantly surprised by the number of innovations in beauty. When we talked about fashion however, we noticed that the same innovation in fabrics and uses were not so obvious. In fact, the high-street trend has arguably created a shift away from focus on fabrics and construction. We all enjoy keeping fit and healthy, however noticed that for some reason, fashion and fitness were viewed as mutually exclusive. We wanted to change that.  

//OUT is our call to women to get more //OUT of their wardrobe. By not limiting the use of our garments as seems to be the trend, we encourage women to WORK//OUT, STRETCH//OUT, BREATHE//OUT and GO//OUT in style.  

DJ: What is the inspiration behind the latest designs?
OUT: Being so entrenched in the corporate world we were conscious of the constant wardrobe changes we made everyday. We wanted to design garments which could literally take you from a day at the office, to a flight to Bangkok, to a walk in the treadmill... We care about our fitness and have always had a penchant for fashion and beauty given out backgrounds, however the garb currently available on the market certainly wasn't able to deliver what we were looking for. We also wanted to hit the gym in items sans the motivational motif and lime green detail. We wanted to stand //OUT, and show women it is ok to be sexy. Our recent collection is full of sophisticated, yet performance worthy fabrics which can truly take you from work to work//out. The collection is full of wearable , yet unexpected tones for activewear, such as nudes, torbas and kakis. All which can be easily integrated into the fashionable woman's wardrobe.  

DJ: What trends are you seeing in activewear?
OUT: California has a certain laid-back cool. In regards to fashion trends, It is actually a market quite similar to Australia in that respect. The lifestyle is perfect for our aesthetic as women want to have clothing which looks fashion forward, however is resilient enough to withstand the knocks, spills and wear associated with everyday life, as well as working out. We are seeing a real movement away from conspicuous branded sportswear looks. Women are craving an alternative, which is allowing more directional and niche active brands, like us, to get a foot in the door.

DJ: What are your absolute must-have pieces?
OUT: The 3 of us design together in order to make sure we are considerate of various aesthetics and body shapes.  
Having different fitness interests means we all have different favorites amongst the collection. Lauren loves our 'Executive' bra for spin class. Beautiful and super sexy mesh panelling at the front, with a cross over back for maximum support. Leah loves to do yoga, so is crazy for our beautiful blown-out t-shirts, such as 'the Lover' which moves easily with your body. Libby loves our 'best friend' tights with amazing reverse-jodhpur mesh detailing. Perfect for cardio and gym workouts to keep you cool.  

DJ: What does a typical weekend usually involve?
OUT: Living in California, in the blissful weather, you learn to make the most of your weekends. We are either going for walks around our great beaches, enjoying a healthy breakky at Tru Foods, or venturing out for some fun in LA or Vegas. Not a life to complain about.  

DJ: How do you balance design and function when coming up with new designs?

OUT: Our process is one of collaboration. The 3 of us design together in order to make sure we are considerate of various aesthetics and body shapes. We also do a great deal of research into fabric technology. All of hour garments are performance grade; they breathable, wick away moisture, anti-microbial and most importantly, all machine washable. No dry cleaning required here!

DJ: You just launched for Fall 2014 and the clothes have already been spotted on celebrities – how did those opportunities come about and do you notice a correlation with sales?

OUT: We have been very fortunate to have garnered a good following for our little brand. We love working with anyone who is willing to make a statement when it comes to their activewear. One of our most important collaborations and partnerships however has been with our trainers. We have had some fabulous and fashionable fitness trainers including Katherine Grenier and Lisa Pruett wear our garments . This is improbably to us as a fashion label who's heart really does lie in the gym.

DJ: What are the most important things to consider when shopping for activewear?

OUT: Are there any fabrics or colors you suggest avoiding? (ie ones that smell quickly or stain easily…).
Having different fitness interests means we have had to use a couple of different fabrics to make sure we can all get active in style. There are a couple of core performance fabric benefits however which remain consistent throughout out entire line. Our tights all have 4 way stretch for compression and ease of nonevent, they are anti-microbial and breathable. On addition all of out fabrics have excellent moisture management properties allowing them to wick moisture away from the body. Very importantly for California is that all of our garments are chlorine safe and quick during which means you can even swim in them. You really you get what you pay for when it comes to activewear. It's pretty easy to head to the high street and grab a pair of cotton tights, but whether you will feel comfortable working out in them is another matter. We act as the fit models for all of our garments to make sure they Are flattering, comfortable and stylish.  

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