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David Jones

The East Order Makes The Sweet Staples You’ve Been Searching For

Because basics don’t have to be boring.

East Order fashion brand

Camellia Mini Dress

The East Order understands that every woman needs effortless feminine staples in her wardrobe just as much as she needs her trusty denim collection. The Byron Bay-based label makes understated yet effervescent pieces that are designed to complete and elevate your looks. Like a sweet red cherry on top of a cake, The East Order’s billowing floral blouses and blush pink button-down dresses make the things you already own look just that little bit cuter (and sexier).

“I felt there was a gap in the market for timeless, easy pieces that are still affordable and eternally flattering,” designer Cassie Vecchione explains. 

“I had all my vintage denim and basics covered but I was looking for those additional sexy, fashion pieces to complete the look.” And so, The East Order was born.

East Order fashion brand

Billie Midi Dress

We caught up with Vecchione to talk about making clothes that are all about women – their busy lives, their bodies, and their relationships with themselves. 

JONES: The East Order sounds more like the name of a secret society than a brand, would you describe it as a community or club? 
Cassie Vecchione: A secret society! I like that! We like to see it more as an order. Once you’re in you’ll be hooked on how easy it is to look cute all the time and discover easy ways to style your vintage with new pieces from us.  

J: Are there any requirements for joining this order? 
CV: All you need is a desire for cool, wearable clothing. 

J: Is The East Order's style inspired by a certain kind of lifestyle? 

CV: How would you describe that lifestyle? She’s got more important things to do than spend hours shopping. She doesn’t keep up with the trends – she needs clothes that keep up with her. 

J: Do you think designing for a particular way of life helps you make more wearable, durable garments? 

CV: Absolutely, when designing each piece I’m always thinking about how it will translate to everyday life. From zips to ties, even down to the number of buttons a garment has… I got you!

East Order fashion brand

Poppy Top and Blossom Mini Dress

J: How has your own lifestyle informed your approach to design?
CV: I’m what some would call a social butterfly. I want to be here, there and everywhere but looking cute and feeling comfortable as I go – changing just my shoes to head out at night. 

J: How has the creative community in Byron Bay helped you to grow as a designer and as a brand?
CV: There are so many inspiring people just metres from our office, from videographers to photographers, writers and musicians. It’s crazy how much inspiration you can get just by bumping into just one of these creatives at the coffee shop – from what they say, down to what they are wearing... it all inspires me.  

J: What advice would you give to others hoping to make it as a designer in Australia?
CV: Stick to your guns and be original. And above all, belief! Belief in yourself! 

J: The East Order makes romantic clothes, but they are more about the romance that we have with ourselves as women, rather than with a partner. Are self-love and self-acceptance important to you?
CV: More than anything. Feeling confident in your own skin is a guaranteed way to always feel great. 

J: How are these values reflected in your designs?
CV: The female form is at the forefront of all of my designs. I start with the silhouette, ensuring every shape is super flattering, before moving onto fabrics and prints. When we receive the samples we try the pieces on lots of the girls in the office, ensuring they are suited to all body types.

East Order fashion brand

Yarrow Midi Dress

J: How would you describe the East Order woman?
CV: She’s timeless, but on her own time. She’s demanding with what she buys – clever pieces that last. She knows that quality doesn’t have to cost the earth and she sticks to brands that know it. She is confident in what she wants. She mixes and matches high and low, vintage and new, whatever suits. She’s looking for something real: a brand that gets it. She’s sexy, uncomplicated and nonchalant. She demands authenticity and knows it when she sees it. The East Order doesn’t pretend to have everything she needs; they’re pieces that add to her wardrobe of vintage and one-off finds. She is culturally aware. She’s intrigued by creative and restless souls: Patti Smith, Margaret Atwood, Lena Dunham – women who want more and get it. She keeps work flexible and works remotely when she can. 

J: The East Order’s clothes make us want to go on a holiday, what is your idea of the perfect getaway?
CV: A place that has a relaxed day vibe and a bit of fun action at night! And of course good coffee and cocktails have to be involved. 

J: If we could only take three East Order items with us on our next summer trip, what should they be?
CV: The Camellia Mini Dress and Yarrow Midi Dress for an easy cute day look and the Azalea Mini Dress in case you need to turn it on… 

J: What can we expect to see from The East Order in the future?
CV: More sexy, uncomplicated pieces that will flow into your wardrobe without any issues.