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Donna Player

From the Desk of Donna

Last week on DJSTYLE, I explored the more classic and distinguished trend from the new season Spring Summer 2014 runway - white - and how a carefully crafted collaboration between structure and colour can re-invigorate the old to the new. This week, I would like to take you on a journey to the other end of the spectrum and unmask the inner-workings of the illusive and often enigmatic trend, reptile.

The thing I love most about a cleverly contrived reptile piece is that it seemingly takes on a new persona every time you wear it. One always feels more intrepid and a little bit fierce when adorning this pattern – it is amazing what a garment can do. With a slightly darker tone, both in look and feel, this print takes any cut to the next level giving you a heightened sense of self- confidence, especially for those occasions where you need your bolder side to take control.

Unknowingly versatile in all the right ways, a good reptilian print will seamlessly work its way into all of your wardrobe basics. Some of my favourite looks this season are an effortlessly chic combination of a black and print, Ginger & Smart in particular, have articulated perfectly what great things can come to fruition when you master the art of balance. Stand out pieces from their recent collection include the Precious Venom Dress and also the Delicate Predator Gown. The way they have infused sheer materials with subtle print, alongside a more defined pattern with an established form is a testament to just how well these designers have honed their craft.

Dion Lee is another designer who has enchanted us with a sophisticated yet sultry reptile showcase this season. Limited to only a few pieces, this collection needs no more as the old adage of ‘do not mess with perfection’ rings true. A personal favourite of mine, the Croc Thermal Skirt when teamed with the Exit Jacket is the ultimate fearless ensemble that brilliantly embodies the art of power dressing.  Another noteworthy piece is the Croc Shift Dress, with its meticulously arranged print and tonal splice panels this captivating number is the key to a gorgeous Spring Summer silhouette.

For those who like to gently introduce themselves to a bolder trend, there is a vast array of exquisite designer footwear to be discovered.  Team the stunning Zimmerman Tie-Up Heel with your favourite black dress to give your look a renewed sense of conviction. The Montauk Flat Slide by Rachel Ruddick is the perfect companion for a balmy afternoon, giving your casual ensemble a subtle edge.

Fashion is an expression of the soul, and what we wear on the outside can often enhance the way we feel on the inside. Don’t be afraid to add a little fierceness to your day. Raw and unbridled trends such as reptile were designed to make a statement and convey that daring sense of self to the rest of the world. 

Donna Player, Group Executive Merchandise