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David Jones

Pyjama Party

Chalmers Pyjamas

Pyjama Party:

How wearing your PJ’s is great for your health

Technology is a great thing, ask anyone. However there are drawbacks to the always-on, 24/7 work environment it has created for a generation of millennials building their careers. Technology and particularly mobile tech has eliminated office boundaries and created the new challenge of making time to make time. Chalmers Pyjamas is a brand that is inspired to change that and make relaxation a priority.

Chalmers’ goal to create stylish and super comfy sleep and loungewear has a second, not so obvious objective, and that is to encourage the wearer to slow down, switch off the lap-top and put away the phone. Founder and Creative Director Nick Chalmers believes that the physical act of changing into something more comfortable can help shift our minds into leisure mode. Health experts agree and this idea of psychological detachment from work has been found to have enormous benefits once you head back to the office.

Research shows that these benefits can include improved psychological well-being and response to stress, as well as increase levels of contentment, cheerfulness and performance at work.

So we say it’s high time to tell your boss you are temporarily heading offline to improve your performance when you come back online. Share the research with them; you might be able to wear your PJ’s at the office, Chalmers of course.

Shop your new Chalmers casual Friday look here, available for men and women.

Chalmers Pyjamas