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David Jones

Change of Season

We can't think of a more idyllic and inspirational household than Sheree Commerford and her family (in fact, we profiled them in our past Christmas catalogue). With her dreamy and whimsical approach to styling, her blog Captain and the Gypsy Kid, is a stunning visual diary of her family life and showcases her unique take on "style inspired by small folk." 

Fresh from working on the Autumn/Winter 2016 David Jones Kids catalogue and preparing for the coming change of season, Sheree shares ideas for children's activities, with outfits to match of course, to keep them busy and creative for the cooler months.

When I was putting this shoot together the family and I were literally about to pack our bags and head north on a road trip. Camping, surfing and holiday adventure were on my mind so when I saw the A\W 2016 kids' collections now available in David Jones it was complete serendipity. Romanticised by the coming change of season I was inspired to style a way to walk your children’s wardrobe into the cooler months through adventure and play.

Photography | The art of photography can captivate young minds and encourage their imagination. Make an old school camera mandatory play this season like these Little Marc Jacobs jeans and Junior by David Jones long sleeve tee and cap.

Singalong | What’s any road trip or family holiday without a singalong. Keep them warm with this Junior by David Jones knit.

The Journal | Get them to take photos, write thoughts and draw pictures to keep as travel memories for both of you. Layering is the key. It will see them through the warmer days at the beginning of the season to the colder ones down the track. Junior by David Jones cardigan layered over Little Marc Jacobs jeans and shirt.

By The Seaside | Being by the sea makes children healthy and tired all at the same time; the perfect combination just like these stripes, polka dots and paisley prints. Spot Cape Pullover, Quilt Denim Skirt, Stripe Tights, and Fringe Ankle Boot; all by Country Road.

Treasure | Collecting and curating treasures is every little girl's dream activity. Make sure they wear something warm with pockets to keep their finds and a hat to shield the winter sun. Animal Print Jacket, Quilt Sweat Skirt, and Wide Brim Felt Hat; all by Country Road.

Exploring | Anywhere anytime. You will need some sturdy boots for the hike like these suede ones from Country Road that will get more rugged as they get more worn. All explorers need their boots to tell the tale. Lace Up Tan Boots by Country Road.