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David Jones

Indigo Travels

Travel and Sheree Commerford are never too far apart. Ever since leaving her small town in Woodford, NSW as a young woman, Sheree’s travel diary has always been full; first as a stylist and fashion designer, and now as a mum travelling with her darling brood of two and her husband, Sam. Sheree’s creative background is also a constant, with her very popular blog, Captain and the Gypsy Kid (CAGTK), documenting her and her family’s adventures, giving us idyllic snaps from the road that look nothing like our esky and lawn chair-packed car trips in the family Holden.

Travelling as a family is never easy but looking at CAGTK’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, it’s clear that their open and joyful approach to travel and adventure is how it all comes together. And very stylishly so. 

Currently road tripping across America, Sheree takes a break with Sam (with cameos from their two kids) to shoot AG’s latest Indigo denim collection filled with dark blue and white pieces that perfectly suit their travel style - relaxed, effortless and always ready for adventure.

Shop the shoot below.

On Sheree: Octa Turtleneck, Prima Mid Rise Jeans in white both by AG

On Sheree: Vex Tee, Prima Cay Jeans | On Sam: Cliff Crew Tee, Matchbox Jeans; all by AG

On Sheree: Hendron Coat, Legging 18-year Heartbreak Jeans both by AG

On Sam: Cliff Crew Tee, Matchbox Jeans | On Sheree: Kit Tank, The Yvette Jeans; all by AG

Shop AG.