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The DJs Beauty Team

The DJs Beauty Team

Beauty Experts at your service.

The DJs Beauty Team are your in-store Beauty Style Advisors here to provide you Beauty 101.

Not sure which makeup brand to choose from? Do you have a question about the best treatment for your skin? Or maybe you need help picking perfume as a gift for that someone special?

The Beauty Style Advisors are here to help. They can tell you about the latest makeup trends, beauty breakthroughs and everyday skincare essentials that are right for you. They can also help find your ultimate fragrance or that perfect gift for someone special. 

Visit David Jones in-store and ask one of our team members to make an appointment with the Beauty Style Advisor team.

Meet our Beauty Style Advisors:

Name: Kate Porteous
My beauty specialty is: Contour and Define Features
Beauty product I can't live without: Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate
Beauty tip: Use cream foundation brush to buff product on top of foundation for a soft blended natural highlighted and contoured effect. 

Name: Larisa Vesse
My beauty specialty is: creating the perfect complexion for any skin-tone
Beauty product I can't live without: I can't live without my YSL Faux Cils mascara and my Tom Ford liquid liner.
Beauty tip: Leave your mascara smudges for a few minutes to dry and then they will simple flick away with a cotton tip. 

Name: Tina Andrews 
My beauty specialty is: Eye brows. I love a strong statement brow, that still looks like it's not drawn in. 
Beauty product I can't live without: Elizabeth Arden eyebrow pencil. The fine tip on this pencil, allows a hair like effect that looks natural but still gives the fullness I desire. The deepest shade has no red tones which is perfect for my dark hair.
Beauty tip: Brush your brow downward first with a mascara spool so as to expose the gaps that need filling. This allows precision because you're filling in between hair, allowing the brow to look consistently natural and full.