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Beauty hacks to properly hydrate your skin

Kosmea Rose Mist

Image courtesy of Kosmea Australia

How to keep your skin hydrated all season long

If you’re prone to dry skin during the cooler months, we feel your frustration. Keeping your skin properly hydrated is an essential part of your beauty routine, but it can be tricky to know where to start.

So with autumn just around the corner, and with colder (drying) temperatures on the very near horizon, we decided to answer one of beauty’s most frequently asked questions: what’s the secret to keeping your skin nourished, resilient and properly hydrated?

Keep reading for 5 beauty hacks to enjoy the feeling of amazing skin…


When winter hits it can be tempting to make all showers the long, hot, steamy kind. But while this might feel amazing in the moment, hot water is notorious for drying out the skin. Where possible, use lukewarm water to wash your face and body, this will help your skin to retain moisture.


If you’re yet to embrace the magic of face mists, winter is the perfect time. Not only do they feel ridiculously refreshing to apply, they also help to provide a dewy glow to dull and tired-looking skin. Handbag-friendly and easy-to-use, many face mists are also specially-formulated for hydration. Added bonus – they also smell amazing.


If you really want to commit to achieving a complexion that glows from dawn to dusk, you ought to explore the many benefits of serums. The perfect remedy for a weather-worn complexion, serums are ideal for those trying to revitalise skin that appears dry and/or lacklustre. Lighter in consistency than a facial moisturiser, serums contain high concentrations of essential oils and active ingredients, helping to improve the appearance of your skin whilst delivering much-needed hydration. 


One of the easiest ways to improve your complexion is with good old-fashioned H2O. As well as drinking plenty of water each day, consider adding foods that contain a high water content to your daily diet, such as cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers and zucchini. This way you’re hydrating your skin from the inside out! 


To really boost your beauty game, treat yourself to the many benefits of a specialised skin treatment. If you’re not sure what kind of therapy would most-suit your skin type, why not head instore to consult one of our experts? We offer exceptional service at all David Jones stores, and our beauty advisors are always available to provide you with professional (tailor-made) advice. Better yet, all of our stores house their own Beauty Room, where you can indulge in a number of facials and treatments. Trust us, your skin will thank you for it.

Browse treatments online now

Keep reading to shop dewy hydration boosting products to enjoy the feeling of amazing skin…

CLINIQUE | Moisture Surge Hydrating 

Supercharged Concentrate

This supercharged water-gel hydrator instantly quenches dehydrated skin, boosting your skin's moisture reservoir for a full 24 hours. Liquid-Sphere Technology combines water-binding ingredients with encapsulated antioxidants to help break the cycle of dryness and environmental stress that can lead to premature aging. Added bonus: this product is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.

LA MER | The Renewal Oil

This dual-phase elixir blends La Mer’s Miracle Broth with sea-sourced actives, unleashing a wave of activity to infuse your skin with youth. With thanks to its genius formulation, this renewal oil helps to improve the resilience of your skin’s natural barrier, while simultaneously improving its hydration. Soft and ultra-smooth, this product enriches the skin wherever it is applied.

KOSMEA | Hydrating Rosewater Mist

A refreshing facial mist to hydrate and tone the skin, this hydrating facial mist is made with a thousand delicately distilled rose petals. With each spray, skin is hydrated and refreshed, helping to soothe your complexion. Better yet, this wonder product can also be used on your face and neck after cleansing and moisturising to set your makeup – what’s not to love?


One of our favourite products for hydrating the skin is the Moisture Veil by Equal Beauty. Featuring 3D Sculpting technology, this mask follows the contours of your face seamlessly for optimal skin contact. Combining natural moisturising benefits with Hydralift and Hydrafirm actives, this must-have mask leaves your face deeply hydrated as well as feeling firm and lifted.

PIXI | Hydrating Milky Serum

This nutrient-rich serum restores dehydrated skin, revealing its natural radiance. Silky-smooth & lightweight, Pixi’s Hydrating Milk Serum delivers a burst of hydration, without a heavy feel. Featuring rose flower extract, jojoba oil and Aloe Vera to nourish, as well as glycerine to trap moisture to the skin for a plumped effect.

LA PRAIRIE | Cellular Hydrating Serum

This intensely hydrating yet lightweight serum quenches your skin's thirst, binding moisture to the skin and restoring its natural barrier. Formulated to ease dryness and reduce tightness, this La Prairie gem is a great option if you’re wanting to return suppleness to your complexion.

DAVID JONES BEAUTY | Collagen Hydrating Toner

This Hydrating Toner is specially formulated to clean, refresh and tone, without stripping your skin of its own natural moisturisers. Enriched with Marine Plant Collagen and soothing Cucumber – one of our favourite beauty ingredients – this must-have gently removes impurities and reconditions your skin.

Shop Hydrating Beauty Products online now