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David Jones

Make Me Up: The Perfect Sunkissed Glow

Suncare Tanning

Whether you're a beach bunny who likes to achieve a tan the natural way (with an SPF, of course!), or if you prefer a faux glow, there's no doubt that being bronzed in summer makes you feel healthy and happy. Our beauty buyers have created an edit of their top 10 suncare and tanning products for you to try out - take a look here to see what you should be using this season! Below are our tips and tricks to achieve the perfect fake tan - no orange hands or streaky lines, we promise!

1. PREP WORK: To achieve a smooth, long-lasting tan, you'll need to exfoliate your entire body to get rid of dead skin cells. Avoid oil-based scrubs, as the oil acts as a barrier against the tan adhering to the skin. 

2. SHAVING: Shave your legs a day before applying tan. This way, your skin won't be too sensitive and react to the tanning product.

3. APPLY: Get to work on the large areas of the body first - the limbs, stomach and back. After that , focus on the feet, knees, ankles and neck. Using a tanning glove or mitt is a great way to prevent tan staining your palms and wrists! To give your hands a natural-look colour, mix part-tanner, part-body-cream and massage into the backs of hands.

4. FACE TIME: Using a special face tanner is a great idea, as these formulations normally have softer ingredients to suit more delicate skin.

5. PROLONG: Stay hydrated! Apply moisturiser every day to prolong the life of your tan, and drink plenty of water to keep your skin supple and soft.