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David Jones

Stephanie Darling's Five Tips for Faking It

Jess Gomes

The temperature’s rising and so are hemlines; it’s time to get your winter pallor warmed up. Best practice: a perfectly honed fake tan to banish winter whiteness.

1)  Exfoliation is key to a flawless finish. Slough off dead skin cells the night before fake tanning, paying particular attention to rough spots like elbows and knees and the backs of your ankles, then follow up with a body moisturiser. Remember, on the day, to avoid deodorant and fragrance as these can affect the colour of the tan in those areas you have applied them.

2)  Apply some moisturiser to nail beds, palms, backs of ankles and elbows to avoid the tan darkening up on those dry spots.

3)  Pre application, make sure your skin is bone dry. Then using a tanning glove with ample amount of product, work the fake tan up your body from your feet first. Using more product rather than less, as this means you are less likely to leave streaks.

4)  To extend the life of your tan, apply a tan extender daily.

5)  At day three, gently exfoliate to keep the tan looking even.



1)     Try a dedicated exfoliator to get skin primed, like Laura Mercier Body Scrub, $55

2)     For a streak-free fake tan try Loving Tan Deluxe Applicator Mitt$9.95

3)     Our favourite fake tan of the moment is the newest tanning oil, St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil, $49.95

4)     To keep your tan looking its best top up with Napoleon Perdis Whipped Dream Tan Enhancer, $40