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David Jones

Make Me Up: Melbourne Cup

Source: Getty Images

Achieving the perfect Melbourne Cup look is easy with Napoleon Perdis' guide to their perfect raceday look. Follow their step-by-step guide below for a flawless face on Cup Day tomorrow!

• With High Definition Foundation/Concealer Brush g20, apply Sheer Genius Liquid Foundation to the ‘feature focus’ area (the triangle of features – eyes, nose & lips) of the face then blend in an outward direction for an even and flawless finish.
• Using a Napoleon Perdis concealer of your choice, conceal the under eye area and be sure to correct and conceal any blemishes or skin discoloration. For the best application use Full Coverage Brush g12.
• Set your foundation by dusting Camera Finish Powder Foundation over the hot spots of the face (forehead, nose and chin) using Finishing Powder Brush s25. Lightly set around the eye area using Contour Brush 16b. Avoid setting the highpoints of the face to maintain radiance.

Comb the brows and define with Eyebrow Pencil Pale Rider or Chocoholic. Feather the product onto the brow against the natural hair growth, comb through and define again following the natural direction of the hair growth.

• Softly sculpt the contours of the face using The Ultimate Contour Palette Contour.
• For a precise application use Reflective Contour Brush 20b to sweep product under the cheekbones and along the jaw line. Use Contour Brush 16b to sweep the product down the sides of the nose. Continue to sweep through the socket and extend onto the temple to lift the eye. To finish, sweep through the inner bridge of the eye and under the lower lip.

• Sweep Color Disc Tawny Temptress through the socket using Sculpting Brush 10r. Sweep until you reach a desired intensity.
• Using Tapered Shadow Brush 9b, press Color Disc Ultra Suede all over the mobile lid.
• Highlight your eye design by pressing Loose Eye Dust Honey Child onto the centre of the mobile lid. Use Diffusing Brush 8b and highlight the inner corner of the eye to open the eyes and make them appear larger.
• Freshen the eye by applying China Doll Gel Eyeliner Yang to line the waterline. Use Angle Brush g5 for a precise application.
• Define the eye using Matte Eye Ink. Using the side of the Matte Eye Ink brush, stamp the inner corner of the eye and centre of the top lash line to mark out your liner application. Using the tip of Matte Eye Ink begin to line the top lash line graduating the liner out towards the outer corner of the top lash line. Ensure the liner finishes to a tapered point towards the end of the eye to lift the eye.
• To finish apply two coats of Peep Show Mascara Madame Beyond to the top lashes.

• Highlight the top of the cheekbones with The Ultimate Contour Palette Highlight. Use Contour Brush 16b for precise results.

• Using Compact Lip Brush 2b, apply a coat of DéVine Goddess Lipstick Calypso over the lips. Ensure the lip line is clean and color is evenly applied.
• Highlight the centre of the lip with Pro Lips Lipstick Blanc using the same lip brush. Press lips together to blend the colours. The finished look should include a darker lip line that fades to a soft pink and graduate to white.
• Line lips last with Lip Pencil Haute Pink.

Napoleon Melbourne Cup
Napoleon Melbourne Cup

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