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David Jones

How to Create a Flawless Face With Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier's artisan background, prompted her to create a product to prepare the skin before applying colour. Laura introduced the makeup industry's first Foundation Primers to create the perfect, mistake-proof surface on which to apply foundation and colour. The Original, Oil-free, Hydrating, Mineral, Radiance, and Radiance Bronze formulas are available for all flawless skin types.

Before applying any colour, I always prepare the skin first.  Making your skin look perfect is the first and most important thing you can do to achieve a truly great look. The key is to enhance your natural beauty - whether you use all the products together one day, or just a little Tinted Moisturisersecret camouflage, and setting powder when you are on the go. - Laura Mercier

The Flawless face essentially has 4 basic steps, therefore making it easy to create a perfect base.

1. Massaging the primer well into the skin for a couple of minutes, ensures a beautiful sheen on the face and an easier application of foundation, where it won;t catch on dehydrated areas.

2. Keeping the foundation as sheer as possible, making it look as near to your skin as possible, so it's not "cakey", apply foundation with Laura Mercier specific sponges, gives a sheer and buildable coverage.  To start, use the sponge dry, as it holds the foundation making it easy to dispense. Foundation should be lightest in coverage around the edge of the face, so starting in the middle and working outwards is best.

3. The Secret Camouflage was designed by Laura specifically for the skin that needs extra coverage in specific areas, such as Roseacea. Using the Secret camouflage brush, with it's fine point, the blemish can be "tickled" for precise  application. Under eye area may need a bit of concealer, again using the secret camouflage brush, gently pat a small amount of Secret Concealer to conceal any dark circles or puffiness.

4. To ensure your Flawless Face lasts all day, the most important step is setting the face, with either the Translucent powder, or the Invisible powder.  Using a velour powder puff take a small amount, work it into the puff, and gently press onto the skin, keeping all the foundation and concealer in place!