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David Jones

How To: Luminous Makeup

Makeup artist to Australian celebrities like Lara Bingle and David Jones ambassador Jessica Gomes, Max May knows his way around creating makeup that glows. Known for his signature luminous makeup look, he has partnered with Giorgio Armani to help launch the latest evolution of their popular foundation range, the new Maestro Glow foundation.

“I love creating natural, luminous makeup. The look is fresh, sophisticated and is a symbol of youthfulness," he says. Created with skincare oils instead of water, the lightweight texture and fluidity of the Maestro Glow makes it perfect for building up coverage while still radiating a natural-looking glow.

Max has teamed with Giorgio Armani to show us how to achieve a luminous makeup look in four easy steps:

Step 1

Prepare the skin for makeup with a luminous primer. “I love UV Master Primer, as it creates a long-lasting glow with the added bonus of colour correction."

Step 2

Perfect the skin with foundation. Shake Maestro Glow to mix the skincare oils and pure pigments. “I always start in the center of the face with the Maestro Blender Brush, and then blend outwards using my fingertips. What I love about Maestro Glow is its lightweight texture, it allows you to build coverage. It gives you maximum glow with a lightweight feel.”

Step 3

Highlight the face with Fluid Sheer. Max recommends focusing on the highpoints of the face; the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, middle of the forehead and center of the chin and blending with fingers. “For maximum, all-over-glow, I like to mix a drop of Fluid Sheer into the foundation.”

Step 4

To make your glow last even longer, set the face with Luminous Silk Compact, focusing on the center of the face. 

Watch Max May demonstrate how to get the luminous makeup look..